Request: More pics of this brutal F-40

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by de Schalom, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. THey are all owned by a young japanese dude ( he also has a white 599 , and some challenge cars )plus a Maserati Corsa and SLR etc..

    Apparently family fortune in Labs
  2. OMG, the rims on the grey enzo! Best rims for recent ferrari's ever, no doubt..
  3. Are we sure the 288 is real? I understand putting on different rims for the track... but adding a naca duct? Highly questionable.
  4. The 288 is definetely real.
  5. the rims are aweful indeed
  6. Great find basman007
  7. you're welcome <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  8. for being the makers of digital cameras, japenese sites have the SMALLEST pic resolution known to man... hard to find good sized pics on japenese sites.
  9. hmm, interesting, I had 2 pics of that grey LM + grey Enzo already, but yet even smaller ones :/

    Now I wonder, I have pics of this other grey LM, could it be the same car perhaps, 'cause how many grey LM's are there anyway..
  10. It's the same car.
  11. Its not an LM , its a road F40 with LM looks
  12. i like them, really eccentric makes it look cartoonish in a good way
  13. those are all really nice cars I think, whoever owns has taste, and the money...

    and I'm guessing they're all from Japan?
  14. this thread made me pop +1
  15. stupid ricers
  16. yup
  17. I cant find any good F40 pics, but hope you like this.
  18. thanks, I already wondered why it looked different than the other LM's I know..
  19. In white or black = YES!
  20. basman isn't human.
  21. those rims are really racing style, btw they don't fit well the 288, but the f40 definately yes!
  22. the silver one is from japan?
  23. Silver, black , white f50 , silver enzo and red gto ..all from the same japanese owner.
  24. These are the hottest cars I have seen in my life! My god they look hot with thoses wheel upgrades!!!!!
    The F40 looks every bit as cool as it did in 1989

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