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  1. but a least his crown vic is bad ass. His p71 has heavy duty components like the suspension, the transmission and brakes. I am wondering if your car has heavy duty components.
  2. Cars that don't turn ? How laughable.Using more fuel than a jet fighter? What is this bullshit? Look at your crown vic and see how big is its fuel consumption.
    I bet you have never heard of the fast ratio power steering with less than 2turns and a half lock to lock, mrknowitall. Who was the dominating the transam races in the late 60's early 70's? The camaro z28 and the stang boss 302. Not all of them were piled in to trees but fact is that not everyone was able to drive them properly or had quick reactions when it was needed because these cars had no esp, abs or electronic assistances. Properly maintained and cared,a muscle car is an amazing car to drive.
  3. Some muscle cars were produced in (extremely)small numbers that is the case of the following cars: hemi roadrunner, 440-6 roadrunner, hemi superbees, 440-6 superbees, hemi coronet r/t, 440-6 coronet r/t, hemi cudas, 440-6 cudas, hemi challys, 440-6 challys, yenko,harrel,nickey, baldwin motion and zl1 camaros, 68 stang 428cj, 69-70 stang 428cj, 69-70 stang boss 429, 68-69 yenko chevelle, 70-71 baldwin motion chevelle, 70-71 buick gsx and stage1, 68 hurst olds 442 and 70 hurst olds 442 with the w33 engine,70-72 firebird and transam with the 455ho,73-74 pontiac firebird and transam with the 455 sd, 67 vettes fitted with the l72 or l88, 68-69 vettes fitted with the l36,l71,l71/89 or l88 70-71 vettes with the ls5/ls6 and at last but not least the dodge charger daytona and the plymouth roadrunner superbird.All these cars are rare so don't expect them to be cheap, the rare things only get appreciation through the ages and therefore increase in value. A parallel can be made with rolex vintage watches which see their values skyrocketing. Rarity has a price. Of course the value of some these cars is too much inflated but remember the law of supply and demand. Some people have enough money to pay more money than the actual item's value.
  4. Dahldrin is a commie, he probably drives a t-90.
  5. those cars like the brick are fixed form. the brick is not kawaii.
  6. Well, I don't have a car right now, just the one I'm building. As for heavy duty components, I don't even know what that really means, but my tranny will handle whatever I throw at it (and the custom chromoly axles will hold like 700hp), the suspension only needs to hold ~2,000lbs (and is FULLY adjustable) and I have 13" rotors and 6-pot calipers.

    And Wheelman, I wasn't referring to your whole post, just your first sentence, dumbass. And it doesn't matter how "heavy duty" the components are (like the ball joints you got all excited about), it's still an old man's car... but, seeing as how you are in fact an old man, I guess it's fitting.
  7. im pretty sure i saw some chevelle converible sell for 1.8 million and there was a ferrari race car from the 80s go for like 200k. barret jackson is lol
  8. the 80s sucked car wise.
  9. Me an old man? Hhhahha, how laughable. But no, I am not an old man.Heavy duty means designed for rough or intense use. His car is big and I think it is something pleasant to drive. What kind of axle do you use? Does your rear axle is comparabe to a dana 60 sure grip or a posi traction rear axle? I don't know but all I know is that the most solid rear axle ever built was the dana 60 sure grip.
  10. I would rather have a porsche/dauer 962 over the 333sp. They are far more reliable and can be used on the road.
  11. You have no knowledge about muscle cars. So please shut the #$%# up already.
  12. you can complain, but some of the Mustangs/Challengers/Camaros etc do look #$%#ing fantastic, and why not bring back their old memories?

    it's not like the Caddy LMP was any good anyway
  13. That's why I said classics in general. Lot sof old Jags and stuff I know.
  14. SOLD FOR $162,000
  15. I would've bought that car just to pwn the local racing league.
  16. Notice the "And Wheelman" part of the second paragraph. All of that had nothing to do with you. My point with the "heavy duty" thing was more that it was just a label. There's plenty of stuff that is as "heavy duty", even if it isn't labeled so.

    The axles are Driveshaft Shop Level 2. Turns out that are actually rated for 550hp. Still, I'm sure you could put more through them and I'm only going to be pushing like 450hp anyway.
  17. Pfft. My car is rude. You can't handle the business.

  18. The Cadillac sale is a bit misleading though. First of all, the Caddy LMPs never won anything. Secondly, I'm not sure the car even has an engine installed. It may just be a rolling display chassis. Lastly, if the engine is installed, the computers that allow the car to run are still property of GM, so you can't drive it except for rare occasions like historic races.
  19. With enough money GM would give you anything... anything.
  20. You would not even have to pay GM, I believe Maclaren did the engine, no not that McLaren. I am sure they could help you find a ECU on the market to get the engine running.
  21. I'd just put a holly carb. on it and be done with it. THen take it to the local auto-x and pwn some GTIs
  22. True that.
  23. Why bother with cars, just stick a fuel soaked sponge in the intake plenum?
  24. That's one of the stupidest things ever.
  25. No, YOU'RE one of the stupidest things ever.

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