Revlovers: 20,000 PS at Hockenheim

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  1. sorry, you have to register for that site to see the video (but really worth to do so)
  2. I though the title was revolvers.
  3. The first two pics gave me a huge clue.
  4. Isn't revlover a new supercar mag? I can't remember, but anyway the white Zonda F made me soggy myself.
  5. wow, how did the lark mclaren f1 gtr do?
  6. wow, how did the lark mclaren f1 gtr do?
  7. is that black eb110 a dauer supersport or a regular eb110. also what is this all about, was this like a massive comparo test or something?
  8. the F430 is surprisingly large compared to the Veyron
  9. i registered but they didnt send the confirmation email yet, its been an hour already, anyone have a login and password i can use to see the vid?
  10. a regular
  11. lol at cayenne and mini cooper
  12. and bentley
  13. but TWO Veyron, TWO Mclaren F1, a CLK GTR and a GT1 on the grid and track !!!
  14. Revlovers Meet: Hockhenheim 2006

    It was a chilly Wednesday morning as eight supercar engines struck the peaceful morning air. The V6 to W16 engines were seeking to get raped on the German Autobahn. Children on their way to school were cheering and couldn�t believe their luck as the eight cars including a Cayenne Turbo S, an M3 CSL, a Ford GT, a Ferrari F430 Spider, a Ferrari 599, a Porsche 959 Sport, a Porsche Carrera GT, a McLaren/Mercedes SLR and the new Bugatti Veyron passed their way.

    Soon we were heading down to the Autobahn where we cracked the 300km/h mark for the first time this morning. We were heading down to the A5, one of the greatest Autobahn�s ever built, as it includes a 4 lane 14 kilometre long straight without speed limit. Unfortunately morning traffic ruined our high speed run. Next stop was a service station where we were suppose to meet a Bentley Azure and an AC Cobra.

    Arriving at the petrol station was like finishing the Gumball 3000 as school children and random people were cheering as we entered the parking lot. Surrounded by masses we parked the cars and took a small break. Suddenly the police arrived and stopped either to enjoy the cars or to check out the licence plates. They even blocked the exit for a few minutes before they realized that they couldn�t stop us.

    We continued our way and luck was with us as the Autobahn became less busy and we could increase our speed. Before we should arrive a BMW 760 iL joined the group and soon the Hockenheim Ring was in sight.
    As we entered the holy grounds of Hockenheim another Bugatti Veyron, a Bugatti EB 110, a Porsche GT 1 and a Ferrari Enzo smiled at us. We parked the cars in the box where we found another Ford GT, a Mercedes A Class with 400 bhp, an SL 55, a Mini Cooper S Works, a BMW Z8, an Opel Speedster and a Maybach. As we went to have a quick coffee we saw two McLaren F1 as they got unloaded from the truck.

    Everybody men, women even children had to take a car to place them on the racetrack for the group picture. In the end we had the most amazing collection of supercars ever to get together with a networth of �14 Million nicely arranged and ready to get pictured.

    Time was limited and soon we got back in the cars to get the required footage. Half the cars went back in the box. Standing on the pit wall as the Bugatti Veyron, the McLaren F1 GTR, the McLaren F1 Roadcar and the Carrera GT passed by with incredible speed and noise was mind blowing. Soon more cars went on the racetrack and the atmosphere heated up. Even more cars were on their way to Hockenheim and soon the Pagani Zonda F arrived followed by an SLK 55 Black Series two further Carrera GT�s a Maserati Quattroporte and a Ferrari F430. Cars were battling on the track as the red F430 almost hit the camera crew. As the camera crew got worried by that experience we promised them more care. From racing to drifting the camera crew filmed some amazing footage. Cars were entering and leaving the box by the minute. Soon the first victims were made. The Ferrari F430 Racecar�s under body was destroyed by a crazy German Race driver. Tires and brakes were rinsed.

    The film crew moved on from different places to get footage from different perspectives. A Cayenne S was prepared with a camera on the back to get in drive footage.

    Our English friend with his BMW 760 iL got in the mood to do some drifting as he asked me to take some footage of it. Equipped with two cameras in the car we followed the 760 as they approached the first corner. Positioning the car for the first drift he reached a 90� angle with the BMW. Gunning it down the straight we reached a 180� corner and once again the BMW reached the 90� but this didn�t look very healthy. Soon the car swung to the other side and the 2 tons of weight ended up in the crash barrier. In our car the word "scheisse" became a habit. As we left the car we noticed that the 760�s left back wheel was in a 90� angle to the floor and the whole left side of the car was destroyed.

    A beautiful day at Hockenheim ended with a small tragedy. However it was a one-of-a kind event and we are looking forward to sharing the next event with you.

  15. Woah, yeah it is. Guess the Veyron looks a lot bigger than it really is in pics.
  17. ok, has anyone watched this video you have to register to see?

    Please tell all of us what cars you see actually going on the track?
  19. its really worth to sign up, Zonda Fanatic also did so,

    at least you can see all the cars in action !!!
  20. awesome gathering of machinery.
  21. Great to have you on the site Axel! I'm Zonda there as well.
  22. Did anyone save the video?

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