RIP Ford Australia

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  1. I hope that Holden can maintain some sort of production long term post the VF Commodore. Make no mistake, VF will be the last Commodore as we know it. Cruze has been built alongside Commodore in Elizabeth for a few years now and, thankfully has been making a profit. Holden have commited to staying in Australia until at least 2022, beyond that though, I really can't see them staying though. Toyota for that matter are in a similar boat and are unlikely to survive much longer than the next decade.
  2. Kinda sucks, but its true. I really wish they keep the Holden name alive somehwere, somehow though.
    Even if they whack Holden badges on the cars that GM imports to Australia. Hopefully paving the way for Holden to actually restart in 20-30 years time.
  4. I never realized that fords didn't sell that well in Australia. I always thought they were fairly popular.

    Also, the reason why its 25 years old to import into the US is because the car would need to be crash tested and emissions tested here in order to import. It doesn't have anything to do with them being rhd as they actually don't care about that here.
  5. They sold really well for decades. Its just been the last 5 to 10 years. Maybe even last 15.
  6. very sad, ford australia used to made good cars
  7. they still do
  8. I think the decline started with the AU...
  9. "The CEO was insistent that Ford had taken every possible step to make a sustainable business case for local vehicle manufacturing before reaching its decision."
    What will be happened on future?

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