Road & Track Is Retarded

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 84FordMan, Dec 6, 2007.

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  2. fo sho
  3. It's not like they try and fall short. C&D is funny.
  4. Car and Driver was funny when I was 14.
  5. Which is complete subjective. And usually prone to being marred by the authors own bias. Case in point; a certain well known magazine gave the Toyota Martix a higher rating than the Pontiac Vibe. Uhm.. same damn car.
  6. They aren't the same car, the interiors were different enough to produce different outcomes. And so what if it's subjective? You ASKED for their opinion when you bought the magazine.
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    Actually, if you're referring to the C&D comparo from June 2002 that included both cars (you are, let's be honest), you're sorely mistaken. Yeah, I remember that test too. In that test, the Pontiac had the standard 130hp engine, while the Matrix was sporting the 180hp engine from the Celica GT-S, and a six-speed tranny rather than a 5 speed. The Matrix also had the best brakes and grip of all cars in the test, while the Vibe finished last in both categories. All of this while, IMO, looking better.

    Next time, czech your facts a little harder, huh?
  8. the GTs are a blaast to whip around in
  9. If you don't want a subjective opinion, don't read a magazine. Go look up the stats and bench race for yourself.
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    Looks exactly the same to me.

    I asked for an unbiased opinion. Not some Toyota fan boys opinion who gets his nipples all moist because it's a Toyota.
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    Don't ASSume. I wasn't talking about that one. It was the one where they rate all the new cars of the year and they gave like Vibe like 3 starts and the Matrix 4. It wasn't from 2002.
  12. I said "unbiased" opinions.
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    It's not EXACTLY the same, but it is close, now post a link to the goddamn test you keep referring to, because I can only find one, and it was in the June 2002 C/D but any idiot with reading comprehension skills can tell that the Matrix XRS isn't the Vibe GT's twin, and that the only bias involved in differentiating the two was a performance bias (the Toyota was a full second quicker to 60)
  14. I can't even stand to read C&D when it's on the table at the dentists office. I'd rather read Home & Garden. Road & Track is too dry and the writers in C&D (to me at least) sound like they are trying way to hard to be cool. The euro mags are far superior imo and they draw you into the experience better, especially evo. Plus, since Europeans have a WAAAAAAY better selection of cars to write about, the articles are far more interesting. The photography is a billion times better, and they have more content. It's really no comparison as far as I'm concerned.

    I must say I'd rather wipe my ass with a copy of Car than read it though.
  15. ooo sorry the Matrix has a Toyota emblem on the steering wheel, the Viba has a Pontiac symbol. Other than that, its the exact same. And, it was in a magazine. I dont stock pile those. So good luck with that link.
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    The radios are different as well. However, i think you're full of shit about the comparison. I don't think it ever happened. The way you say it did. As for the link, I'll give you a hand...

    There's only ONE comparison involving both the Matrix and Vibe that I can find, and the Vibe does indeed finish behind the Matrix - XRS.
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    You got me I made it all up just for a post o_O Good job comparing a base model to a top of the line model. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  18. Now YOUR bias (maybe it's just stupidity) is showing. Your comparison doesn't EXIST but theirs is stupid for seeing what two unique iterations of the same car are like compared to each other? You are the one #%!@ing because you thought they were biased for ranking the same car differently, but now that it's obvious that isn't the case they're stupid for choosing two different models?

    I have an idea: remove head from sphincter before posting!
  19. Hmm... I have yet to see this article. What happened to the links? Didn't they load? Looks to me like you're just covering your ass. What mag, what year, what month. These are things you need to provide for anybody here to take you seriously. Until then, you're just talking out of your ass.
  20. Yes you got me, I made up all of this. Just to make you moist your panties. :D
  21. Until you provide a source, we're going to assume you made it up. And we're going to make fun of you too. Haha.
  22. I like R&T because I read car magazines more to learn about cars than be entertained, and it's not like R&T just lists specifications without saying what a car is like to drive. They just manage to do it without coming off as tools, unlike C&D.
  23. This is the first year in ages that I haven't renewed my subscription to R&T actually. It's good for exactly the reasons you said but I find that I only fully read the writeup on cars that interest me and skip over all the rest. The writing just lacks that extra something that will keep me reading a review of 3 entry level crossovers that I think are all terrible and boring.

    The big reason why I didn't renew my subscription is because I've yet to find a good Photography magazine that wasn't from the UK (read: pricey as hell) and my monthly expenditure was starting to get pretty ridiculous.
  25. Yes. make fun of me because I am the one who has to be told by a magazine which car to like.

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