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  1. Below is some of the major road trips I have done and really enjoyed. Ireland and Europe especially, obviously because they're so different to my home scenery. I've done a lot more trips around New South Wales and Victoria, but too many to list. I've also driven from Los Angeles to Vegas, and onto Hoover Dam. Didnt have time to make it to the Grand Canyon unfortunately :( And thats only like 3 hours?

    Road trips I still really want to do:
    - UK
    - American west coast, from San Diego to British Colombia, and major national parks around there
    - Australia east coast to west coast
    - western Europe
    - Singapore to Hanoi

    What are some of the biggest/best road trips you've done. Or ones you are really keen to do?

    Road Trip 4.png Road Trip 5.png Road Trip 1.png Road Trip 2.png
  2. I have done this trip there and back in a 48 hour period.

    And I do this commute every Tuesday one direction. So there one Tuesday and back the following tuesday.

    Not that I did/do them for fun.....
  3. And when I was a young lad my parents and I drove this round trip in a VW Westfalia

  4. Whats Mexico like to drive through/in? (if you can remember?)
  5. Houston, TX to Austin, TX on the two barbeque trails. One trail there, the other back. I ate so much brisket. It sucks though. I rented a convertible Mustang GT. But it rained the entire fucking time. I did get to see a bro truck flip over end to end into a ditch though. 7/10 would watch again.
  6. Schermafbeelding 2018-02-01 om 07.47.20.png Schermafbeelding 2018-02-01 om 07.49.01.png

    Have done these two recently. Exhausting.
  7. Portland to Orlando (or vice versa) several times as a one-way. Fly out, road trip with my buddy for 7-10 days while we camp, go mountain biking, visit parks and go kayaking and shit like that.

    12 bottles of wine turns out to be roughly the right amount.
  8. My most recent trip, which was unfortunately like 4 or 5 years ago now.

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  9. It's interesting. I don't remember much of that trip. But I go there every year and rent a car almost every time. You just have to be fairly aggressive. The roads are a bit rough but the drivers for the most part are good drivers. The worst areas are actually the northern states of Mexico closer to the US border. Tijuana, Juarez etc. Much more likely to come across "road blocks" which you may or may not come out of unscathed. Down near the Mayan Riviera, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun is all very safe.

    Costa Rica on the other hand is always a gamble, whenever you drive. Cars are only into second generation drivers now. You will still drive down the highway and have to stop because local villagers have decided to have a cookout in the middle of the 4 lane highway. And everybody drives like pissed off 16 year old boys.
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  10. Never really did any serious road-tripping. My country sure as hell won't allow one (it's like less than 6 hours top to bottom).
    We did do this last year -
    Followed by a trip to Vancouver and Whistler a couple of days later.
  11. bring american dollars to bribe the police
  12. cute
  13. Awww, thanks. Got my hair did yesterday.

  14. lol @ 586km in Java taking 16 hours!!
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    Hahah no highway, only jungle mountain roads

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    Arizona -> San Francisco along the coast was nice
    Fort Worth -> San Antonio was alright
    Arizona ->Indianapolis was my favorite, posted a map below
    Odessa->Yalta in Ukraine was cool
    Pittsburgh->DC was ok but I prefer Chicago->Pittsburgh even though its boring
    @Aych Es Vee SEABEE's post may sound like a cliche/joke but its a thing. Highway patrol there is not paid very well so they make it up with in bribes.
    I've driven into Mexico many times and it can be nice (the border areas suck hard though). I strongly suggest to not drive down there right now
    since things are not too good. I'd wait a while before making the trip from Aussieland. Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 9.45.57 AM.png
    Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 9.50.03 AM.png
  17. I did this one with my 1976 MGB GT.

    Car broke down in London. Stopped by the Nurburgring and did a lap. Otherwise it was mostly boring highway slogs.

    I wrote a story about it in the first post of this thread:


    I drive from the west coast (the blue car icon) to the east where my parents live a few times a year. It's a nice 5-6hr drive. I've also done a few shorter but spectacular drives along the west coast.

    When I was 13 my family and I rented a camper in NZ and drove from Auckland to Queenstown and back. That was a fun trip.
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  18. whats Ukraine like to drive in???
  19. I was surprised how good the roads are around Odessa, they were on par with US roads. There was a pretty bad section when getting to the Crimea however.
    The Crimea itself is really good as well. Drivers themselves were pretty inconsiderate though.
    I saw a few range rovers and s-classes hauling ass and not really caring about others.
  20. Are you all doing this hauls in a single jaunt? Thats the wrong way to do it, but if youre just trying to get somewhere then i guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Thank god for podcasts on long trips. Im gonna drive to Sedona in a couple months and theres no way id be able to make it otherwise.
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  21. The top one, Canberra to Cairns, I stopped in Brisbane overnight. 13 hours to Brisbane, without stops, another 15 to Townsville and then like 4 to Cairns. But now that I have kids, they're losing their shit after 7-10 hours.
    I've driven from Canberra to Melbourne and back in one go. 7 hours non stop, each way. But regularly drive to Melbourne, stay for a week or so, then back to Canberra, and dont stop for long, along the 7 hour trip in between.

    The Europe and Ireland ones took about 2 weeks each.
  22. In the past, every Israeli would go on a roadtrip to Eilat, a resort town at the southernmost tip of the country. As a kid, I remember it being a 6-8 hours roadtrip, depending on your stops.
    Recently, after many years, I've had the chance to go there again. Intense road development in the past couple of decades has cut the trip to a mere 4 hours. You can actually get there without ever having to stop at a red light.

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  23. A colleague just went to eilat last week. He said it's full of hot women. The security is too much though.
  24. I imagine it's much better/worse during summer.
    There's probably more hot women in Tel Aviv.
  25. several hours straight is a good time to get into an audio book

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