Rossion Q1 vs Farbio GTS

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    The Q1 is the evolution of the Noble M400. The US distributor of the M400 bought the rights to it when Noble stopped making them and then refined it into the Q1. According to the guys in the Noble Forums, it has many improvements while retaining all of the strengths of the M400.

    The Farbio is less of a known quantity. It has similar weight and also uses the Ford Duratec, but it's newer and less proven. OTOH, I really like its exterior styling.
  2. The Farbio pics are on the left and the Rossion pics are on the right.
  3. the Farbio, now the Ginetta GTS is muh smaller than the Rossion Q1, there might be some similarities but at least the Rossion Q1 is an evolution of the Noble M400 and not a copy of the Farbio
  4. btw: I introduced/sold the very 1st LHD Farbio GTS 400 to a friend of mine who got sacked by Artega as me
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    The GTS has a lower claimed weight but the Q1 has smaller exterior dimensions.

    Length: 162in
    Width (inc.mirrors): 74in
    Height: 45in
    Wheelbase: 96in
    Max/min legroom: 44/39in
    Headroom: 39in
    Interior width: 55in
    Weight (dry): 2475lbs

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