RR Ghost vs Bentley Mulsanne

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ArmoMafia818, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Ghost - 6.6L TwinTurbo V12, 563hp 575ft lbs torque, Weight=6482lbs, 0-60=4.7sec. Starting at $250,000

    Mulsanne - 6.8L TwinTurbo V8 505hp 752ft lbs torgue, Weight=7055lbs, 0-60=5.1sec. Starting at $285,000.

    Just some basic specs here, but which one would you rather have?
  3. Brooklands.
  4. Bentley
  5. Mulsanne by a long shot ,

    not a huge fan of the Ghost
  6. I like the bentley tho that front end lighting position bothers me
    The rr has a very clean modern profile but the gaudy two tone bothers me. Is that an option
    Also the tiny squared headlights are not proportionate
  7. I would probably have an Arnage over the Mulsanne though
  8. Brooklands tho
    I don't have a chauffeur
  9. don't need chauffer
    just adidas tracksuit
  10. If I was wearing a track suit I'd be running
    No need for a car
  11. Why can't i have both
  12. wow i thought the Ghost was way cheaper
  13. Ghost, mostly because I prefer the way it looks, both are awesome.
  15. brooklands might be the most perfect looking modern luxury car.
  16. where are people getting the Brooklands from in this comp, of course I would take the limited run B over a regular production model.

    hmm in the RR vs Bentley ... I'll take a Veyron ..

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