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  1. brb running a 3:10 to qualify for Boston.
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  4. About that, what do you have to do to qualify? What is the distance/what is the time target?
  5. you have to run a marathon (26 miles, 385 yards) in the specified amount of time for your age group.

    Age Men Women
    18–34 3hrs 10min 3 hrs 40min
    35–39 3hrs 15min 3 hrs 45min
    40–44 3hrs 20min 3 hrs 50min
    45–49 3hrs 30min 4 hrs 00min
    50–54 3hrs 35min 4 hrs 05min
    55–59 3hrs 45min 4 hrs 15min
    60–64 4hrs 00min 4 hrs 30min
    65–69 4hrs 15min 4 hrs 45min
    70–74 4hrs 30min 5 hrs 00min
    75–79 4hrs 45min 5 hrs 15min
    80+ 5hrs 00min 5 hrs 30min
  6. I used to run a lot. I ran a marathon a couple years ago. I ran a 5 mile race last november and clocked in around 31 minutes if memory serves me right.
  7. Damn :O

    Just watched that documentary I posted, and one of the people it profiled was struggling to hit that target. It looks pretty effin serious.
  8. Yeah, you have to average a ~7:15 mile over an entire marathon to meet the 18-34 qualifying time for Boston. There are some other ways to get into the race that don't require qualification too, which is how a lot of people do it.
  9. i would probly get in on my looks

    gonna run tmw i think. gonna try to do that balls of feet running with high kick tol butt
    im pretty sure im the heel land type, and i can def feel the impact
  10. Holy shit, i can barely do that for one mile.

    My pace for long distance isnt very good, I try to keep it at 10 minutes/mile at the minimum; it usually ends up being like 35 minutes for 4 miles.
  11. Personal bests:
    5K 22:25
    Half Marathon: 1:46:22
    Marathon: 4:03:24
  12. Well we're about equal on the 5K, now if I could just run 13.1 miles continuously . . .
  13. I've been thinking about starting for a while, but haven't yet. I ride my bike A LOT, but pretty often I don't have the time for a long bike ride. Getting a work out from running takes so much less time.
  14. So today I did a super long run from my college over a few bridges to a beach resort on the Gulf and back. I haven't measure it yet. Someone told me it's only 7 miles, but it felt like 10. Took a loooooong time. It felt great. Now I wanna do even more.
  15. It just takes time, and miles. fwiw, I'm in the 45-49 age group now too, so to qualify for Boston, I'd need to pick up the pace a bit!
  16. Get a vagina and you are very close.
  17. my 2.5km best is around 10 minutes
    my 10km best is somwehere between 45 minutes and 50 minutes

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