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  1. One of my favorit Rally cars of all time :D<!-- Signature -->
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    YES>lancia stratos's are nice too.<!-- Signature -->
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    This and the MG Rover Metro 6R4.

    Both UK Group B rally cars which never realised their true potential before Henri Toivenen & Sergio Cresto's deaths in Corsica in 86.<!-- Signature -->
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    hmm. never seen those<!-- Signature -->
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    I like the high-powered cars of the group B rally class.
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    like the Audi Quattro?
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    yes, the 500bhp, short wheelbase S1, driven by walter Rohl and Michelle Mouton. They made a very nice homologation version for the road.
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    i liked the 205 t16 or something im not to sure on the name but its on this site its phat
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    Hi Guys

    About these Rs 200s... out of the 200 that ford made , Ford did make 24 evolution models only.. which were very highly tunned, some were tunned to 600+bhp

    In england we still have a few of these car on show @ the rs national day...

    i know of a couple that are tunned to 700+bhp , 1 is owned by Pat Duran and still races his an another guy called Julian Godfrey...

    i think all the Group B rally cars were something to be admired.. as it was man and machine in perfect harmany ....and something that ralling won't see again..

    the reason why these group B rally cars were banned is simple as the Group B cars (most 450bhp)were too fast, more and more spectators than ever before .. it wasn't only the Rs 200 that killed a few people . it was other group B cars aswell .. The Rs200 was the last car to hit FISA decide to ban these great cars for the safty for driver and spectators

    I have a picture of Pat Durans Rs200 evo

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    do you remember this car

    this car was @ the autosports car show last year @the NEC UK
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    yeah, too bad there are no thema's or beta's on this site, kind of disappointing
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    yeah, too bad there are no thema's or beta's on this site, kind of dum methinks

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