rs4 vs M3

Discussion in '2005 Audi RS 4 Sedan' started by Krillmeister, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Yes so i've heard, the upcoming M3 will have a V8 that puts out 425-430hp (Just to have a couple of HP's more than Audi).

    When that M3 comes out, it will be a very tight race, this RS4 has lost the Understeer and will probably be as fast as the new M3 on a track.

    This RS4 is very fast and has loads of grip.
  2. 1st of all any1 with half a brain should know that audi is the top german manufacturer.

    I mean seat, vw, audi, bentley, lamborghini and bugatti are all practically the same company. So anyone that thinks BMW is the future doesnt know what they are talking about.

    in terms of styling the 06 a4 makes the 06 3series look like michael jackson next to jessica alba. in terms of the audi rs4 handling i would think that most people would have the brain to figure out that a well balanced 4wd is just as good as any rwd if not better in terms of laying down the power. the rs4's light weight and slightly moved back engine prevents all the understear from past models and BMW will have to do a s**t load of work to bring its next m3 up to a standard wer it could compete with this car. + audi is a far more reliable car than BMW. i would take this audi b4 the next m3 and or any other BMW.
  3. The S4 is a big understeerer, its powerlayout is 50/50, and it's not light.

    The RS4's standard layout is 30/70. and it is variable.

    According to Jeremy clarkson it's understeer is almost completely gone !.

    This car will most certainly kill the M3
  4. The M£ is just #$%#ing ugly old turd nut compared to this. #$%# BMW.
  5. The RS4 would probably beat the normal M3, but if it raced against the GTR strassenversion it would get owned
  6. i like this better but the new m3 will be 100kg lighter
  7. I do not think that is what has happened here, friend! Why don’t you check out the YouTube videos? The Audi RS4 is still superior to the BMW M3 in many aspects, let alone the race. The Audi has finally proven that they are a technology which the other two of the Trinities is still lagging behind. I really love the Audi and I am so glad that one of my cars is an Audi A4!

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