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Discussion in '1998 Ruf Turbo R' started by Homsar, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. I don't care if RUF is considered an independent manufacturer, they are still ripping off Porsche!
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    I wouldn't mind having this car!
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    you suck.
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    Ruf provides the masses with an uberporsche that has performance that isn't offered among regular porsches(with the exception for the gt1, 959, and carrera gt). Try beating this particular Ruf with a regular turbo or turbo s. But perhaps one day they'll decide to produce a supercar of their own.
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    ur such an idiot. u dont belong here. do u even no what RUF is? thats wat i thought. now shut ur hole or ill have to shut it for u.
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    Hm, RUF sucks? On second thought maybe you just suck.
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    RUF doesnt suck... u do... LOL...
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    I agree that the originator of this thread is a dumbass; however, every time I have seen Car and Driver and Motor Trend drive a Ruf, they say the company ruins the loveliness that Porsche puts in their cars. It is sacrificed for raw power, which throws the cars in masses just like it, loud tuner cars with horrible rides and loud interiors and nothing for comfort. Sure it would be fun, but they sure don't seem to think Ruf is awesome, and those guys kind of know the way it works.
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    you suck for even thinking that
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    My first post at super cars! But just to clarify my opinion, RUF is fairly effective in creating fast, stylish porsches(as if they werent already) but since ive never driven one the only thing i can base this on is its statistics, either way this car seems to have just enough speed and if it retains any of porsche's refinement it should be an excellent vehicle. ps- the thread originator is stupid in that his evaluation is based on nothing and a random personal opinion and no one should be offended by as it is just his biased opinion, dont take it to heart or seriously for that matter
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    dont forget they do buy the porsche off porsche and then upgrade them...
    Which is just like u buying a car adding bits and selling it off again.
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    excuse me bro but this would have to be by far the best porsche ever made. It easily outshines any of the new shapes but looks and lamost buy its power!!!!
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    If you say RUF sucks then your pretty much saying Porsche in general suck.
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  16. you are a retard RUF sucks what they dont ripoff porsche retard
  17. Most RUFs are built from scratch, actually. A few are converted, but that's usually decided upon by the owner of the car after they buy the Porsche.

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