RX-7 or RX-8???

Discussion in '2000 Mazda RX-7 Type RZ' started by Bandeirante, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. i am liked of RX-8 but the old RX-7 is more muscller.
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    RX-7 looks a lot nicer, but the RX-8 probaly has a better engine
    P.s. I dont like Mazdas
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    sorry to hear that your not a mazda fan. The efini is def a superior car, even if the power plant may not be.<!-- Signature -->
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    well i wouldn't balme you for not being a mazda fan.......but well theye're a little new ....but they are good.........the rx7 looks better than the rx8 but powerplant........RX8!<!-- Signature -->
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    The RX8 isnt a pure sports car like the RX7 is, cuz it has 4 doors.

    To me, the RX7 will always be the best street driven Mazda.
    (unless mazda comes out with another crazy supercar, then i might change my mind)
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    RX-7 all the way!<!-- Signature -->
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    They don't need pure horsepower in the RX-8 but more reliability. It still has power, but it has torque and reliability. I'd take a 13BT or 13BREW over it....well I shouldn't say that because they aren't out yet. Not enough exposure.<!-- Signature -->
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    Oh and btw the RX-8 is targetted towards the sports coupes and new men giving up the 2-seater sports cars but still want power.
    I dunno if I'd want one.
    RX-7 is pure sports and track car.<!-- Signature -->
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    Rx-7 has a much sportier look and feel to it. I dont know if i'd want to take a 4-door to the drag strip but it certainly has the capabilities.

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