RX-7 vs. E46 M3

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  1. alright there was a thread like this on the M3 forum but no one really paid attention to it. so i thought i would bring it to you guys. so what do you think?
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    oh, and one more thing. i want a good clean fight........lets get it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I would rather have an M3 if I wasn't going to do anything to the car, other than some slight aerodynamic work. But if I was going to tune, I would probably get the RX-7, because it's so much easier to tune. You can supercharge an M3, but not much else. For those of you who haven't seen under the hood of an M3, there isn't much extra room. An RX-7, on the other hand, has got some room to play with.

    If this is a "Who would win in a race" thread, if both were stock, the M3 would totally dominate. I love RX-7's, but you gotta face facts. The M3 is an incredible car. It elevated the BMW 3 Series from a sports coupe to a GT sports car. The M3 also costs 20k more, and comes from one of the best automotive companies in the world.

    Speaking of which, BMW originally made aircraft engines in WW2. That was a long time ago yes, but BMW should think about making a Rotary engine. If Mazda can make a 1.3L rotary pump out 250hp, think about what BMW, the best engine maker in the world, could do. I, for one, would love to see a mid-engined supercar by BMW that has like a 3-4L rotary. Lighter and more powerful than a 6.0L V12, and would sound incredible.
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    you see that is where i disagree. i really dont think that the m3 would just destroy the RX-7. you see i have a 93 RX-7 and a very good friend of mine has an 03 m3. and they run almost identical times. we have raced them and it was a really really close race. like driver error would determine the race.
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    I'd take M3 for daily driver, but RX7 handles better and is quicker.
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    RX-7 - handling, looks, faster, rotary engine.
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    I couldn't agree ne more
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    i'd say the cars are very evenly matched. bare in mind all later rx7s after this were faster and packed alot more power. the 1996 m3 wasn't quite as quick as this.
    rx7's have been known to lay waste to a viper
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    first off this was the final model of the RX-7. there were other variations of this model in later years but none with " alot " more power. and we are not compairing it to a 96 m3 we are compairing it to an e46 or a 02 m3
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    RX-7...pure jap sportscar!
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    The beauty of the RX-7 is that it has everything. It handles at .98 g's. That is incredible (slightly more incredible than the E46 M3), and the acceleration numbers are not that far off, considering that the RX-7 was made almost 10 years earlier than the M3. The Rx-7, especially in a situation like the nurburgring, would be most at home. I have one and it's plenty fast. I have never needed any more power or speed than my car could provide. It is definitely better than the 300ZX or the Supra twin turbo, that both by the early 90's were obese and were having to compensate by having over 300 bhp. The RX-7, on the other hand, lost weight, ergo making its power far more useful.
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    stock vs stock the M3 is the better car, but the RX7 is an incredable tuner car, although i myself would perfer the prestige of driving a BMW over a mazda, but thats just me, every one has there own taste.

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