RX-7 vs RX-8

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  1. Is It Really Worth Having The Last Of The Old RX-7's? Even Though Little Is Said About The Car I Would Assume That The RX-8 May Or May Not Be Faster And Slightly For Practical Considering The Foor Doors. Yes, Id Love To Have The Last of The RX-7s But I Can Wait For An RX-8.

    Thank You Mazda For The Great Car And The Great Memories
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    Definately Rx7, I like the smaller more compact design, and i like the greater performance (theoretically) I also like the factory turbo design. But then again the Rx8 is going to be pretty bad ass, but no i like the 7.
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    rx7 no doubt!!
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from EugeneF15</i>
    <b>the rx8 is not a replacement for the rx7, anyway this rx7 would smoke the rx8</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    And it would smoke it because?
    Because you say so?
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    I agree that this car will smoke an RX8 because the RX8 will not have a factory turbo, not to mention this is lighter than the RX8 concept.<!-- Signature -->
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    I definatly prefer the 7, but at least we will be able to get ahold of 8's in Canada. They really should use the rotary engine in more cars.<!-- Signature -->
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    I love the styling of the RX-7, although I can't say the same for the RX-8. What were they thinking putting four doors on a sports car?
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    I would love to have this car. I used to own a RX-7 until some moron in an SUV totaled it. But, having driven a four door sedan for a few years now, I miss the old RX-7. But, it's hard to go back... I think the Rx-8 might offer the best of both worlds. Convenience and performance.
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    I agree.<!-- Signature -->
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    I also prefer the styling of the RX-7, the rear doors of the RX-8 look so ugly. I havent looked at specs of the RX-8, but the design and look of the RX-7 make it a whole let better to me.
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    I'd have to take the RX-7, its lighter, has similar power, and is just fun. The '8 is less sporty, and it is out there styling wise, but quite good looking in my opinion. I like the idea of the suicide doors on it though, that is just a cool idea. Some other makers are doing that in their concepts.<!-- Signature -->
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    Correction.....Ford did not buy all or most of Mazda u fool...it only owns a very small portion of it....which means that Ford has nothing to do with the RX-7<!-- Signature -->
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    7 = sweeeeeeeeet
    pure performace
    8 = convienence
    my baby momma won't yell at me <!-- Signature -->
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    RX-7, no doubt about that. It would smoke a RX-8, obviously since the RX-7 has a turbocharged engine(twin turbocharged for the RZ), it is much lighter than the RX-8, and I think the RX-7 has a good horsepower and torque advantage. By the way, if my eyes didn't deceive me, the last time I saw a picture of a RX-8, it was a sedan.<!-- Signature -->
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    RX-7 all the way mate...
    RX-8 has nothing compared to this,,THE best ,,,THE last...THE beast>>
    gotta love this car and it'l be sad to see them go, great car>>
    Later<!-- Signature -->

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