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    barely any lag at all, its a sequential twin turbo so there is less lag (same with the rex), so if the supra has lag the the rex will have lag, and wtf r u talkin about, spins the wheels at high rpms. Its obvious u have never driven a supra before and pulled that one out of ur ass. and about the power to weight ratio, yes its lighter, but more powerful, no, 255 hp for the rex and 320 hp for the supra. even then it still has a slighty better power to weight ration but it has a 5-speed as compared to the supras 6 speed, stock there about the same, id take either 1, but once u start tuning them the supra will come out on top. And dont even compare anything with the veilside supra, it was made for top speed, est. 250mph. a stock supra tranny would have a top speed of only 155mph but with 1000hp it would be doing 9s easily with extremely fast shifting. im sure u could get 9s with a rex, but it has enough problems as it is(apex seals) even with the supras bulletproof engine, the veilside supra still needs an engine rebuild, i believe, once a year, correct me if im wrong. imagine how many rebuilds would need to be done with the rex. These are 2 awesome cars and i cannot say which one i would rather have because there pretty much equal imo; saying 1 will KILL the other, that just stupid.
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    ive seen rx7s run low 5's, havent seen supra do that
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    do u know anything about tranny gearing? for racing purposes, a 5spd is way better than a six. all a 6spd does is give u better gas mileage, and makes u need to shift more. the only reason why companies make 6spd tranny is because in order for a car manufacturer to be able to sell a car in the US these days, the entire fleet of cars must have a combined gas mileage that is over the minimun, which is why the rx-8 has a 6spd. the 6th gear on a car is entirely worthless, plus the gears before it top out much faster,thus 5spds rule
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    rx7... the supra is more of a muscle car while the rx7 is a sports car.
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    rx7s are way better than supras and supra lovers had better get used to it. You can way more power out of a rotor for less money.
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    I think that the rx7 is probably the best sports car on the market it could even take out an enzo with enough modification
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    1 word awesome
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    no it cant! the enzo would run laps on both a supra and an RX7 at laguna seca!

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