Rx7 vs. Supra

Discussion in '1993 Mazda RX-7 JM1FD' started by jrgatfh, Aug 10, 2002.

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    The RX7 is much better in my opinion. Both cars are great. The RX7 handles way better (lets see supra pull a .97 on skidpad). 0-60 is about same for both as is top speed. Supra may be able to slightly best the 160+ for the RX.

    Interms of looks the RX wins hands down. driving the car is amazing. It feels like a race car. The car looks exotic and not as generic as the Supra.

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    i go with the supra,although its heaviness makes it cheap<!-- Signature -->
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    people do actually know that mazda owns the rights to the wankel motor and wont let anyone use it don't they
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    i would just like to say that the rotary engine was built to last just as long as any other engine but the only problem is that the engine has to be pampered a lot more than regular engines. thats the reason they tend to break down. they dont get better treatment than normal engines. i have seen rotarys with 200k miles on it and still runs great. also another problem of the engine is fact that is so small that in has a overheating problem. so in hotter climates like cal. and florida, the engine can get extra wear and tear on it because of that. i live in oregon and it hardly breaks 90 here so i wont get that bad of a problem especialy after i get the intercooler replaced. btw GM bought the rotary back in the 50's and basicly shelved it cuz it was too fuel efficent. they didnt want this small moter out with the big boys. at least that was what i was told.

    supra is faster
    rx7 handles better

    both bad ass cars. THATS END OF STORY :]
    i have a 94 rx7 r1 so i have a little bias :[

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    first of all, this argument b/w the supra and rx-7 is pointless, they are both great cars that haul ass when you hit the gas (isn't this all that is important?). but dude, the gt40? do you even realize that that is a race car? there are like 4 in the world, so leave it out of this. when ford mass-produces something serious, ill take notice, but leave the series cars out of it.
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    dude, thats only if u dont know what your doing...
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    ur all dumb...how much did the rx7 cost??? How much does a #$%#vette cost, how much does a dodge crapper cost, do the math, put the left over dough in the rx and the what happens, youd get friggen SMOKED!!! Screw corvettes and vipers they are worthless pieces of crap.
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    DAMN I can't decide! I love em both<!-- Signature -->
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    Supra would win in the long run, since the supra engine has more potenital for horsepower.
    sorry...rx7s are great too.

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