1. rz7

    when's a new rx7 gonna come out?
  2. howd this turn into a poll.i cant even make them yet.
  3. That, my friend, would be something called a bug.
  4. some time in the future...
  5. "Question: rz7" "Answers: Submit Vote" This is probably the stupidest poll I've ever seen on an internet forum. Never the less, the RX-7 is awesome and I can't wait for it's return.
  6. what am I voting for here
  7. your voting for nothing
  8. they will make a retro rx-7 in 2030 with a electric-turbo 0.9liter rotary pushing 400hp clean horsepower.
  9. are you stupid? look at my second post.
  10. Doesnt seem like a good idea with the rx-8 out and all
  11. it's comming out?
  12. of the closet.
  13. after the rx-6,5,4,3,2,1
  14. The RX-8 isn't a featherweight two door two seater sports car. There's room for the spot the RX7 left, but I don't know about them calling it an RX7.
  15. what else would it be called.
  16. maybe an rx-7.0 or something retarded like that (im retarded)
  17. i would personally fly to japan and kick whoever decided to name it that in the shin.
  18. RX-7's RULE!
  19. version 9 rx-7 coming september 2005!!!
  20. The RX7 was originally the replacement for the RX3, using most of the same parts. So there is no reason a new coupe couldn't be called something other than an RX7 (which was the first RX model to go thrugh three completely distinct body generations).

    This goes hand in hand with people originally thinking the RX8 was teh replacement for the RX7. It wasn't, any more than the RX3 was the replacement for the RX2, or the RX4 was the replacemetn for the RX3. All three of those cars were sold at the same time, and the RX3 outlasted them both...
  21. I just totaly voted.
  22. right on,thanks im watching close to see what wins

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