RX8 or S2000 ?

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    6 is da number<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>, u forgetting i got 2 more rotors and a massive mo fo truck intercooler mate
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    sure you will, and im gunna buy a 7000hp engine out of a top fuel dragster and spend millions of dollars making it reliable and tuning an extra 4000hp out of it, then im gunna stick it in my toyota supra and run 3s in the quarter mile. then after that i am going to buy another top fuel engine and make it get 11000hp, then i will put it in the trunk of the supra and hook up NO3 and make 30000hp and run 1s in the qm. See I can lie too
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    i was joking around, ur obviously not
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    its more likely i'll end up wif a R390 <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    i'm saying its more likely i'll get a r390 instead of a modded up a rx7, not saying i WILL get one.
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    both cars are good which ever one u like better
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    s2000 is a nice technical excercise, but i wouldn't rave about it.
    RX-8 is a superior car to pretty much anything on the road. I'm not a rotary nut, I don't own one(did a long time ago), but i have deep respect for rotaries. Wankel is the future, its just been a long time ironing the bugs out.

    Also, the RX-8 is living up to its true potential. Mazda says that if you disable their re-burning emissions system (i'm guessing this would be done purely through a reprogrammed ECU) that the power output leaps up to 224kw or over 300hp without any modification. I've read a mazda engineer claim a renesis engine on a test bed was making 354hp at under 9000rpm.
    Its little suprise really, modern engines are so choked back by emissions and economy requirments that when you retune the to their full potential you get huge gains.

    S2000 gains 27% in power to 300hp with similar removal restriction too. http://www.autospeed.com/A_0911/cms/article.html
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    You are my new friend
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    RX8 cause it has more seats, more HP, better looks, and probably as good handling if not even better.
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    The RX8 smokes the S2000, even with an obviously heavier weight considering it's a four-door. It's got sleeker looks. Are those "suicide_doors" I see?
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    actually ur wrong, the stats r so alike, ud think the engines were the same, at least until u found out that the engine type wasnt even the same. Both the RX8 and the S2000 pull off 250 hp. The S2000 reaches 250 @ 8300 rpms while the RX8 does it at 8500 rpms. that pretty damn close. As for torque, the RX8 tops out at 162 @ 5500 rpms while the S2000 tops out at 153 @ 7500 rpms. the mazda the mazda may be a little bit heavier but it doesnt show because it reaches max torque quicker than the s2000. The RX8 has slighty better stats but it hardly noticeable, so i would go by looks and the overall usefullness of the car. The RX8 is a 4 seater and the s2000 is a 2 seater, even if i didnt need the extra 2 seats i would still go 4 the rx8 because it couldnt hurt, heck, one day u might find urself in need of more than a 2 seater. Some may disagree but i think the rx 8 looks better. They look very similar but theres something about the rx 8 that makes it stand out more. The interior looks of both of them are awesome but i think the rx8s int. looks alot better. The prices are close very close as well, the almost exactly the same, that is if the rx8 is fully loaded. Its a tough call but i would have to go with the rx8, but it wouldve been a much tougher call if they had the same seating. If u plan on hookin it up, then i would go with the s2000, because its been out 4 longer and definitely has more aftermarket parts available. Either way u go im sure ull have blast driving whichever 1 u get.
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    I think if you have enough money not to really worry about price then i would go with the s2000. It has a great engine and i think sure to be a classic in honda history. On the other hand the rx-8 is cheaper and if your looking to do some custom changes you will have about $5,000 left that u saved from buying the s2k. But dont forget u can drop the top in the s2k. The rx-8 wont meat its fullest potential for a couple of years.
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    The 2004 RX-8 Twin Turbo will For Sure take out the S2000, once it is released.
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    Darn, why will these people not understand at the first time?

    1) RX-8 will NEVER have twin turbos.
    2) That's because RX-8 is NOT the successor of RX-7.
    3) It is likely that the 4TH GEN RX-7 of 2005 will get the twin turbo.
    4) Maybe a triple rotor on the 4th gen RX-7, but less likely due to RENESIS engine's setup.
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    Check this out got it off of motortrends website.


    2006 Mazda RX-7: If the RX-8 is the success Mazda is banking on, a two-door RX-7 may follow for 2006. On the drawing board is a shortened, lighter car boasting 280-330 hp.

    So if you guys can stand the wait im sure it would be worth it.
  15. S2000 that car can kick ass the RX-8 lacks out......

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