S2000 pulls to the right while braking???

Discussion in 'Technical' started by ronin, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Slightly while driving asweell but mainly,
    As i brake harder the pull gets more noticable

    What can it be??
  2. Get an alignment and change your brakes.
  3. Sticking caliper, sounds like the pads are not retracting completely from the rotor, creating a slight pull while off brake and a heavy pull when on them.

    Change brake pads, lubricate slides, ensure caliper is free floating.
  4. Negative VTEC kicking in
  5. Make sure your fluid is full, and that you have no leaks also. My front right caliper did that because the flex hose was busted.

    This is usually because of not lubricating those pins though.

    Being an S2000, I'd bring it to a shop to have the rotors checked for warpage, it was probably driven at 9/10ths by a Christian motorist with racing gloves on for most of its life.
  6. I have a similar problem, my mechanic said it was the brake booster. But then again he #$%#ed everything else up on my car so idk.

    Sounds like the pads are sticking
  7. Sometimes all you really need to do is just clean the brake assembly. Take the wheel off and give everything a good cleaning with brake cleaner.
  8. sounds like ur getting riped off. Don't go back to that guy, cause a brake booster won't do that, and that is one of the most pricey item to fix when it comes to breaks. Sounds like he was just trying to get money.
  9. Check for a sticking caliper.
  10. Just take the wheel off, and look at the back of the caliper and see if one brake pad is a bunch thinner than the other, if so, then a piston on that side is sticking, go buy new pads and replace the caliper.
  11. could also be a tie rod end.
  12. A quick jack up to get the tire off the ground, grabbing it at east and west and push/pull will answer that question quickly.
  15. Hasnt happend since that night, and its almost been a week now. strange...
  16. Did you jack up your car and take a look? If your car does something strange with the steering/suspension and you don't take a look at it and poke around a bit, your an idiot.
  17. Calm down guy, problem's not always immediately visible to someone who doesn't know what to look for.
  18. your an idiot made me actually lol.
  19. Didn't mean to be offensive, but we gave him two different things to check that are fairly easy, and if he did neither its fairly goofy.
  20. I think people who post a problem like that on a forum are hoping it's just an easy fix.. like a flip a switch or something.

    lulz.. he should just bring it a shop and have it inspected I guess.
  21. chill, i never had that problem w/ my car so i didnt know what it could be

    Im mechanically inclined so i wont have a problem. thanks
  22. So have you checked it out then? Inquiring minds want to know.
  23. I know he said the harder he brakes the more it pulls, but cant this still be as something as low tire pressure on one side? because it will still pull when he brakes and if harder it will pull more.. so thats just a cheap service he can do. check your tire pressures and see if both are equal..

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