S2000 vs Mini Cooper S

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    Yes, listen to me, I thought the NSX could beat the s2k any time, but I got wrong.
    Don't know why, but the s2k is the winner of that race (I'm happy for that) and I thought that at least, the rx-7 would won or will be the second before or after the s2k... wrong ; the rx-7 is third behind a AE86...

    And the NSX is a Type Zero version, incredible isnt' it ??
    I thought the s2k was modded, but wrong too... It's 240bhp and 1250kg..

    Now, I think the s2k is for me, see that video guys ! I'm going to "up" the topic with the link of that one.

    These guys are japanese drivers, and the camera don't film only the s2k but all cars, and you see into the car too... and believe me ; they are all getting the best of the car performance.
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    I'm thinking the drivers of the NSX and RX-7 probably weren't accustomed to the cars (I know at least with the NSX it requires someone who's accustomed to the handling of the NSX to get good performance out of it).

    That, or the track favoured lighter, smaller, more nimble cars, rather than better cornering, more powerful cars.

    I do know this though, I have a Best Motoring video on my computer that features a modified Skyline GT-R, and two modified AE86's, the AE86's both came in ahead of the GT-R because the track favoured a lighter, smaller, more nimble car, rather than a faster, better handling car. The Skyline was to big and heavy to do well on the narrow, twisty track, that they were racing on.
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    I believe that AE86 is the drift king's one, is it? It's really fast.
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    No - the K20A is for the new RSX type-S. Maybe they make one that's the type-R that goes to 9000rpm, but I'm in the US, and we don't get those gems *grrrr...* The only one I know of is the type-S, which is K20A: Aluminum Alloy 16-Valve, DOHC, i-VTEC 2.0L Inline 4, [email protected], 142 [email protected], 11.0:1 CR, 7900rpm redline.

    The [pre-2004] S2000 uses the F20C, a 2.0L DOHC 16-Valve VTEC Inline 4, with [email protected], 153 [email protected], 11.0:1 CR, 9000rpm redline.

    Specs were quoted from Honda Motor Co. Engine code was off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure I'm correct. Sorry if not...
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    Just had a look, it looks like you're right, can't remember the source where I got the K20A being the engine from the S2000, but when I remember it they're going to get an earful.
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    It's strange for me too ; the s2000 who's better than he's brother the NSX...and the rx-7 too.
    But, in any case, it's fabulous even if the ranking list is :
    Nsx type zero

    The s2000 is the best of his category, the corvette too, the Nsx, rx-7... etc...

    You think the NSX and Rx-7 is the same category ? Wrong, just because the rx-7 has the wenkel motorisation and so has a special engine.

    I'm very interested by the s2k, but in Europe, the prices are high, but, if I take it, I will take the Nsx after it...
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    I'm pretty sure that was a freak result, most likely with good drivers the NSX will beat the S2000 8 times out of 10.

    The NSX and Rx-7 may have very different engines (though both are unique, small displacement, high output designs), but they are in the same performance class, and raced in the same class.
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    Exactly, so it's like I said ;
    Ranking list :

    1# Nsx or Rx-7
    2# Rx-7 or Nsx
    3# S2000
    4# Ae86
    5# ...

    Even if the S2000 is third, it's excellent, against two huge monsters like the nsx and rx7 !
    So, I know the s2000 is better than all the others cars on that track but is not better than the Nsx and the Rx7 (that's for sure)

    So, I agree it was a freak result, but I could only say that the rx7 and the nsx weren't on top performance. The others like Ae82/86 or bmw M3/E46 were at maximum performance!

    The Bmw m3 is so heavy ; the s2000 is beating it at every courbs, and when the m3 is getting on straight line this is an other story because I'am talking about a track race.
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    The RX-8 beat the S2000 on the Top Gear test track....

    RX-8 - 1'31 (dry)
    S2000 - 1'37 (wet)

    If the S2000 was on a dry track it would have gotten around 1'33 seconds. 1'37-wet = 1'33-dry (they normally take 3 or 4 seconds off the wet time ot what it would have realy got in the dry). So the Mazda RX-8 seems to be the faster car round the track. Strange but true. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
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    So, because it happened in ONE track test means it's going to be true in EVERY track test? Give me a break.

    The two cars are quite evenly matched, and as I've said before, they brought back the rotary engine once they realized there was a market for it (the reason they got rid of it in the first place is because there were too many inherent problems, and they figured there wasn't enough of a market for it to justify all the engineering difficulties), so that they had a car similar to the S2000 that could compete with it. Essentially, they were copying Honda in a sense, and there would be no Rx-8, nor a rotary engine on the market today if not for the S2000, so give respect man. That said, I've seen 3 road/track tests between the two cars, in which the S2000 came out the victor, now does that mean the S2000 is dominant over the Rx-8? of course not, but I do believe that the S2000 will win at least 60% of the time.
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    RX-8 got beaten by the S2000 in a best motoring video.
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    the mini cooper s runs 0-60 in 7.1 seconds.. the s2000 outruns it.. i geuss theres one thing that the mini beats the s2000 can beat it in.. handling?
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    s2000 by a long shot
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    s2000 by a long shot

    very correct...I've driven in both, the S2000 is very powerful yet the mini cooper was sluggish at times...I'd take a S2000 any day even though the S2000 is 32,600 and the mini is what like 21 grand at the most?

    S2000 any day for me! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
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    1. Comparing the Corvette to S2000 is stupid.
    2. Comparing the S2000 to BMW Z8 is really stupid.
    3. Why are Americans have so much respect for the RX-7? Cause its a great drag racer. Compared to S2000 it handles like shit (I owned one before getting myself an S2000).
    4. Comparing cars so close in performance on track, it's really hard to have any idea about which one is actually faster. There are many parameters such as: Tires (tires can make a winner), Weather (have you ever drove an RX-7 or S2000 on rain?) driver (a driver can have great lap times with one type of car and suck with another).
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    hey guys, not to go off-subject but how do you get one of those pictures of a car at your name and how long you've been here for?


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    go into the "manage account" option in the drop down box at the top of the page, and just select a picture from one of your files for your avatar.
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    ummm yeah NO! The Mini Cooper S is slower than my '89 MR2 SC and every now and then... if I can find someone who doesn't know how to drive, I can take an S2000... the Mini S wouldn't have a chance.
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    As odd as it may seem, I would rather have the Mini Cooper S over the S2000. Why? Because of its styling. I love the S2000's styling but the Mini Cooper just has that classic British look in it and the interior is amazing. The S2000's interior is well, empty.

    If you really like S2000 then you should go find a very affordable Miata and tune the engine up a bit. I would if I were that desperate to have one.
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    I think this is stupid, as you may see, people started talking about the S2000 vs. corvettes... WHAT THA F.UC.K??? The Mini Cooper S should be compare to the 1992-99 Honda Civic VTi (B16A2) (I have one), or to the SR20DE Nissan Sentra SE R, or Seat Leon 1.8T, or Toyota Corolla TS (1.8L 180hp), but not to the king. I think some brand should build something like this, and also think BMW or Ferrari could do it. But the Ferrari would not be that reliable, but those are the only brands that build high RPM, high hp/liter engines. The thing is that the S2000's engine is too small... and still, it kicks ass. In my opinion, it has no competitor, it kicks ass in its class (and the mayority of those cars have bigger engines so #$%# off those that think hp per liter is not important) and it gets close to BMW M3, and some turbo like WRX STi European version. So basically it has no exact competitor... or maybe the 350Z convertible, but it still beats it (being 3.5L ---- more hp and hell more torque..) so this car is weird... I think they should convert it to an S2500 with the same hp/liter but more torque so that it gets out of between two levels. (understand) "Honda Rulez" I think you understand my point of view... HEY CORVETTE LOVERS, PEACE OUT, I LOVE THAT CAR TOO....
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    hey datsun master piece... the S2000 kicks the mini's ass, the mini kicks the "tuned" miata's ass.... what da f.uc.k man??!!!!
    how about tuning an affordable Honda S2000.... just change the intake to a K&N cone filter, then put in Spoon headers and catback... (those are the basic accesories to increase fun power) but if you want more, change the camshafts, give it a little (very little) porting to the head, not much kuz that head o my god... and there you go. you wont ask for more.... and the shape (compared to the miata) pffff miata is not bad, but this... check the front, the style of the hood with the lights, it looks like an arrow, (have you seen it in real life?). the doors are so cool, the seats... come on, compare that miata with a toyota MR2... IN EVERY ASPECT... only maybe not in the position of the engine but in performance, shape, interior, engine...
    so please go to the mazda forums and spend your time writing up in there.
    thanks a lot.
  22. .. yes very stupid comparison

    THe s2000 (JDM) model pumps out 250hp 2 liter 4cylinder NA making it 1 of the most powerful 2 liters in its class. The Vtec engine alows the car to use close to 100% torque at revs 5 to 6 and onwards. Typicaly this bends the theory of NA cars being slow on the hillclimb. Na cars have a slower push of power then turbos because they can only send 100% of torque at high revs where else VTEC alows the torque to be used closesly to 100% straight when the VTEC kicks in. Espically if you fit this car with LEVEL 3 VTEC, or VTEC less by replacing small cams with big cams the VTEC will run 24/7.

    VTEC embarrases that of even racing engines, A normal NA car defeats turbo cars in the same class on the race track . BUT A NA VTEC would completely slaughter most cars in its class

    BUt this S2000 isnt to be praised on its power.. but its handling
    With its Front mid mount engine it has an ideal 50:50 weight distribution. THe car has a super stiff chassis alowing crisp response of the car, and also all 2gether with aluminium reinforncements to the chassis increases the overall body regidity of the car alowing the driver to feel the movement / momentem of the car

    WIth its lightweight and compact body it has perfect suspsension setting putting the car balanced in every situation with double -wishbone suspension. The car was pretty much made thru theorys and concepts from racing cars. and also this car doesnt use that many or no modern electronic gadgets but still doesnt lose out at all to powered machines like 4WDs or Turbo machines. The s2000 was actually designed to compete against 2 liter 4WD on the circuit

    On the tight corner sections and hairpins the S2000 is rumored to be faster then the NSX but i've yet to see this in any best motoring Video

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