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  1. is it just me or does this thing look exactly like the front end of the honda s2000?
  2. Re: s2000?

    Pininfarina designed the front of the S2000. Good eye sir.
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    well this was designed long before S2000 so S2000 looks exactly like this...<!-- Signature -->
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    and I don't think pininfarina designed the s2000, it is honda's own work. This was designed to be a peugeot...<!-- Signature -->
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    Oh well, It is still sexy!<!-- Signature -->
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    im not much int big heavy cars, but as far as looks go this is nice
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    sure do wish the S2000 could've got a V6 engine!
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    this is a very nice car seen from the side. it has very sleek lines. very nice car indeed
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    Yes the DESIGN is wesome. How about those stats?

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