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  1. This is a sweet car. In a time when some of the bigger car manufaturers are going for functionality, while others are going for all out speed, it's good to see that Ferrari's stepping it a bit. In other news, I live in ghetto town USA, Orem, Utah. I was cruising center when this 550 Barchetta pulls up across the intersection. Being a limited production car, and living in an area where the only rich people drive Vipers, it made my day, actually my life. I can now die in peace.<!-- Signature -->
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    This guy's a psyco y'all
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    Nice, remember a 550 Barchetta is the convertible version while the Maranello is the full top version. So my question is, you are referring to the convertible right? Because if you aren't then what you saw was the 550 Maranello.
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    No, it was the Barchetta. That part was easy to tell cause the top was down. My friend nearly died laughing cause just the day before I was talking about how cool it would be to see one around these parts. He started saying "oh, you'll never see a car that nice unless you leave the state". It was a nice color, too. Kind of a deep metalic azure. Lovely car.<!-- Signature -->
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    Cool cars I have seen on the street around my neighborhood are:

    Lamborghini Diablo (Black) this one wasn't in my neighborhood I just saw it.
    Lotus Esprit (Green)
    Ferrari 355 F1 (Red)
    Ferrari 550 Maranello (Red)
    Ferrari Testarossa (Red)
    Ferrari 360 Modena (red,and 1 yellow)
    Dodge Viper (1 black, 1 yellow with black stripes, 1 red)
    Porsche GT2 (Yellow)
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    Damn what neighborhood do you live in...? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    IN regard to the Title of this Thread"INDEED IT IS"
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    saw a Dark Blue one today, in the showroom in Melbourne, AUS. bloody beautiful...still, nothing can beat that red isnt far behind though! the one that i saw was exactly that...saaaaaweeeeeeet!
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    Keep your eyes peeled. I'm not exactly in a prominantly wealthy neighborhood, or area, myself, but with the large population here, you run into some very wealthy people once in a while. Since I made this thread, I've seen several different Ferraris and Porsches on the street.
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    Yes, this car is saaaawwwweeeeet !!!!
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    OMG I didnt know i copyed your name M-Boy!

    anyway i like the car but than again i like any ferrari
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    wow i live in a neighborhood infested by stangs and carreras i always wanted to see a car like this or atleast a murc
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    This car is in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2. Its a really good car but i would take viper over it.
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    NO, this car is NOT in nfs hp2. The 550 Barchetta Pininfarina is in hp2. And it beats the Viper too.
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    That is a nice car
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    Ouch, stangs?? I feel sorry for you
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    no its not the barchetta "convertable" is. i live next to shelton ferrari i see these beasts everyday taking testdrives down my street. they have a maclaren f1 nowbody wants it wonderwhy hahhaha
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    yo, dude this car is pretty tight man, wouldn't mind whipping it around the block a couple times myself
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    true i think this car is sweet. i personally think that it looks better then the 360, by far. :D
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    HAHA, DAMN FOX FOR CANCELLING FASTLANE!!!! That was an awesome show...where else do you get to see all these sexy cars and even better yet these SEXY girls...<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> sad to see the show gone.
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    i just added this car's specs to my site ( ) and i kicked down the F50 from #25 to #26
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    on the top speed list i mean
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    I didnt know they had computers in mental hospitals.

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