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Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by Homero, Aug 9, 2002.


    u might as wel be talkin to a brick wall cause this car is dead...i come here like once a used to be every day...

    Ferrari Enzo is one of the best cars ever!
    Question is : Enzo or F50?
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    I just want to ask one thing... Is Enzo ferrari using any turbo or supercharger? I dont speak good english so i cant understand what it sais in the intro... thanks for your understanding <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Porsche Carrera GT. As seen in Automobile magazine and in many other magazines around the world. It is faster on a track.
    Better in overall.

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    Enzo or Carrera GT?

    Enzo, Car (UK mag) placed it first out of the SLR and the CGT, in all the tests Ive seen the CGT only beat out the Enzo in one place braking (In one Mag) in all other areas the Enzo is better. The Enzo has F1 shifting while most professional drivers struggle after laps of driving the CGT with its manual. The Enzos a lot more limited. The Enzo Weighs just as much as the CGT ( which has a V-10). Stlying is all objective but the CGT looks like an oversized boxster. Enzo is better in performance, extremly limited, "nothing else like it" styling, just better in everyway a supercar can be

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    Enzo or Carrera GT?

    Found this



    Enzo- 26.1
    SLR - 30.6
    CGT - 34.2

    All cars were tested on the same day , same track (nardo), by the same driver
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    ENZO!!! it could kick any Porsche's ass! and i think it looks cooler
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    almost as beautiful as the MC12<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    enzo. it looks better.

    If anyone wants to see this car in the carbon fibre, i'll be purchasing one from Germany (most likely Germany, maybe another place) in the coming months.
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    I guess the SLR made it to the test because of the HP similarities, but in the end it's a corpulent merc supercoupe(but I still like it). What sort of drivers struggle with a manual on the track? Purists crave the manual. Besides, in endurance racing the manual is most common, and are anything but slow. The F1 shifting system is a nifty piece of kit, but it doesn't take away from the quality of Porsche's standard setup. On the track, the Porsche is no slouch, but is not as powerful as the F1 special. In another magazine, the CGT was able to match the Enzo in lap times, which i found rather interesting. But such is the nature of porsches. For some reason, most models perform better than their numbers should dictate, like the GT3 vs. 360 modena stradale, in which case the GT3 matches or beats the ferrari's acceleration in numerous tests. I'm loyal to porsche, so I'll go with the CGT. Besides, the thought of Tommy Hilfiger in one ruins the whole effect for me.
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    Its been said in a few reviews that the Manual on the CGT is rather tricky
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    I don't think so..
  16. name a car thats better with stats

    0-60 3.5sec
    no turbo
    no supercharger
  17. Enzo or Carrera GT?

    porches are fine, but a very good supercar compaired to the god of supercars they are different(mc f1 lm is also god)
  18. Enzo or Carrera GT?

    not true, the porsche beats the enzo in braking (240km/h - 0) by 24 metres ( porsche - 191 M vs enzo 215m) even the Lamborghini Murciaglo beats the enzo by 3 metres (212 metres) this is unfortunate, but overall the enzo is the better car, tested to a vmax of 352 km/h, whereas the porsche attained a vmax of 331km/h

    i would have to take the enzo though over the carrera GT, pity all 349 cars have homes now...
  19. Enzo or Carrera GT?

    In the end it comes down to the matter of useability. The enzo is intoxicatingly exploitable. It's made to do as the driver wishes without hesitation. It's probably the absolute best driver's car made today. The porsche is nothing short of fantastic, however. Like I said, it's no slouch. But, it also provides a slightly different brand of driving experience compared to the enzo. That F1 shifting system alone sets the two pretty far apart. The porsche is built like a true race car. Its mechanicals surpass that of the old GT1s that raided the tracks at lemans and daytona. But it also gives you the option of driving with the top detached. This car is everything the F50 should have been. Both cars are superb machines, and to say that one is better than the other would be absurd. If you think a measly .5 second difference in acceleration time or F1 cloning sways your judgement, then something is wrong. Don't let the numbers fool you. Only decide whether or not you want to play with the greatest paddle shift ever devised, or play with the basic in a finely chiseled but strangely familiar skin.
  20. name a car thats better with stats

    so are you saying any turbo or supercharged cars are out of the competition? because if not, the 1992 Dauer 962 LM has it beat.
  21. Haha Stupid car!!!1

    Mclaren F1 LM and the CLK GTR are much better.
    who will buy this and not buy those cars.

  22. Haha Stupid car!!!1

    LOL u r so stupid u make me laugh. YES the GTR and the McLaren F1 are faster! BUT the GTR costs almost twice as much as this. AND the McLaren F1 cost more, too. PLUS more ferrari enzos are being made then either the GTR or the McLaren F1. u r so stupid!!!
  23. Haha Stupid car!!!1

    Clk Gtr and F1 GTR r specially made for the tracks. and Enzo made for the track would be far better anyway.
  24. Enzo or Carrera GT?

    Definitely the Enzo. and before a certain person would emphasize, the Enzo is BETTER is BRAKING. U might refer any of the Mags. the Enzo and Carrera have never been tested around the same track officially but estimates predisct the enzo would be faster because it has BETTER -
    top speed
    quick gear change (no tight clutch like the Carrera)
    ASR (Traction Control Mode)
  25. Haha Stupid car!!!1

    No way, not in a million years!!! OK, the McLaren F1 is faster than the Enzo but no way the CLK-GTR is faster than the Enzo. Although it reaches 100km/h in 3.4s, it only speeds up to 322km/h. The Enzo reaced 366km/h in the 2004 GumBall 3000!!! No chance, you stupid thing!

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