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Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by Homero, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Haha Stupid car!!!1

    Speed is not the only thing. Please, gentlemen, only a true on track comparison is the solution... of course, I'm Enzo all the way <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  2. Haha Stupid car!!!1

    The only car that is in the ranks of the Ferrari Enzo right now is the Porsche Carrera GT. Mclaren F1 has a higher to speed so what? Even on a thurough race track it would be hard to hit top speed without a airport-like straightaway. Besides the Enzo goes from 100mph-150mph faster than the f1- you`wouldn't hit over 180 too many times. Pagani-please, lamborghini-please, clk-gtr-no way, SLR Mclaren-please, saleen-good try. The Enzo (maybe the carrera gt) is the only car that one could say is quicker than this bunch. ps- the enzo is made for the track, there will be no enzo "gtr". Look up the MC12 Maserati to see a totally race-spec ferrari enzo.
  3. Haha Stupid car!!!1

    I'd say that the Enzo is not really a track car, but another overpriced status symbol that happens to be pretty fast (not that that's a bad thing; so are Rolls Royces and Bentleys, and I like them). For 600 grand though, I would have hoped they would slap some more attractive styling on there. Only reason to buy one is that it gets you poon.
  4. Enzo or Carrera GT?

    I would take whichever one I could sell for more and buy myself a '59 Cadillac. Or if I have to pick one or the other, I'd go Porsche, since it's slightly less fugly than the Enzo.
  5. Haha Stupid car!!!1

    It's not a track car? IT LOOKS LIKE A F1 CAR!
  6. Haha Stupid car!!!1

    It was intended to be, I wonder how many actually use it like that. No, few buy it for the track car qualities, it's another rich man's play toy.
  7. Haha Stupid car!!!1

    lol forget the 0-60 times cozz most of the 0-60 times are actualy most different in the first second or 2 like 0-30. Most cars on a track apart from the start dont go below 30mph. If you compair the F1 and GTR to the ferrari on 30-150mph and breaking you will see its ferrari all the way.

    why dont you compair it with the zonda, Koenigsegg CC 8S, Daur 962 errrmm fotget the Daur hehe thats just silly.
  8. name a car thats better with stats

    McLaren F1 GTR

    0-60 2.9s
    no turbo
    no supercharger
    made in 1995
    central driving position
  9. name a car thats better with stats

    SSC Aero SC/8T
  10. name a car thats better with stats

    TVR Speed 12
    Caterham R5000 Evolution
    Koenigsegg CCR
    Chrysler ME 4 12

    shall I go on?
  11. Haha Stupid car!!!1

    Dont be stupid the fact is that both the other cars are faster than the enzo. and the fact is they didnt make it for the track and havent made one for the track so how can you say its faster cos it doesn't exist. The Clk gtr and the F1 are faster end of story.
  12. Haha Stupid car!!!1

    hey assholes if u take your heads outta your fuukin ass, you will realize that, although the ferrari enzo was inspired by the formula one car, it is meant to be on a track like the formula one car. so u say the mc laren F1 is faster huh, or the mercedes glk or wat ever the #$%#u said, is better, how come thy dont make them any more, and how come mclaren is not winning races in formula one anymore, wat they got shit all of a sudden when mika hackenin left????, ferrari has won with schumacher for the past 6 years, talk now retard!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. the ferrari enzo and mc laren F1 have never been put side by side to race, if so prove it, and realize another thing, that the enzo has 20 more horsepower the the MC F1, so watch wat u say, a little note..........not all speeds of the cars posted on this site are 100 percent acurate either.



    this is a great car. period. However all the peeps who put down the ford gt need common sense. Enzo is too much of a fantasy car, im srry

    Enzo: !!$600,000!! 660hp 485 lb ft of torque 3.4 0-60
    Ford GT: $124,000 550hp 500 lb ft of torque 3.2 0-60

    Im not saying the gt is better but some poeople say how the enzo could kick any cars ass and how its the best and blah blah blah blah blah. THis shows them that the car they love and think nothin can beat is a fantasy car.
  14. name a car thats better with stats

    uymm Ford GT better accel and torque

    Dont get me wrong i LOVE the gt but the 0-60 time is actually 3.5-3.8 depending on if its the 05 or 02.

    but the ford Gt is just a hard to get hold of than an enzo. The enzo is a better car, its better in all ares.
  17. Enzo or Carrera GT?

    y the f*** wouldu sell an enzo and buy a 59 cadillac, wot a piece of shit. the enzo is better than the CGT in every way, and porsche can do nothing about it.

    just as hard?! The gt u can actually get for under 500k if it a aint a huge bidding war. the enzo is hareder because it costs more. Its harder to spend that much more money. Actually ford ran the gt at 3.2 0-60

    I think the GT is better because the numbers are about the same but the Enzo costs $520,000 more. I would not be willing to pay that for 2 tenths of a second faster 0-60. Yet, Car and Driver said it was a true Race car. I guess you can't tell which one is better until you test them to the track. If you know someone who has, please let us know.

    Availability retard, not the price, you have the money, you can get an Enzo simply by getting ahold of Ferrari and ordering one. You're going to have to make a lot of calls and pull a lot of strings to get a GT.

    The Enzo is superior in every way.

    And no, Ford didn't run it at 3.2

    i rather take the best car form the best supercar factory than a ford gt

    good call.
  23. Enzo or Sex?

    Driving the Enzo while getting a "road job"

    That said................I'm fine with having sex with my GF after getting out of the car.
  24. Enzo or Carrera GT?

    I want to drive the Enzo more, but I think I'd have more fun driving the Carrera GT.
  25. Enzo or Carrera GT?

    for all.
    Unfortunately Porsche can do anything about quality and performance, cause they are stupids.
    Much weight, and They mmust have change filosofy about road engine car taking v10 from them experience from race cars....
    And yes, GT is only a Carrera oversized, but it's natural. Is a special mod of a Carrera, must it look like a 924? :D
    P.s.: i'll take Enzo, more quality and security

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