Saleen S5S Raptor

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by S7TT, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. M0sler aint ameikan car cause it's from UK and Germany, get ur facts str8 m8.
  2. Where did your mother and I go wrong?
  3. wat u talkin moran ?
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    Lmfao yeah, that wasn't an obviously biased show down. OMFGORZW!!! MAYBE IF I FLOOR IT DREW ALL DEH TURNS AND KEEEPSSPINNIN DEH TIRES I GO FASSSTUR!
  5. Sorry bud, I designed quite a bit of the Mosler MT900, and it's an American car. They built the eurpean spec cars in the UK for awhile, and Mosler Germany tunes them to their spec, but the car is American.

    Riviera Beach, Florida USA

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  6. He's just messin with you.
  8. That's all right, there is probably some noob that will read his reply, and believe it.
  9. This > You
  10. shit = you
  11. still awesome looking.
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  13. I'd take this over the ZR1.
  14. it looks kinda like what i think the gallardo SHOULD have looked like from the start
  15. at first i was all "eww" at the ass of it
    but now i'm a-lookin
    and i'm a-likin

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