Saleen S7TT vs. Koenigsegg CCX vs. Gumpert Apollo

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by srsocx, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Gumpert, love the name, and it looks a little different.
  3. Appollo just because it's rarer and not so stereotyped. And the Saleen is just ugly by the way. Koenigsegg seems to be too much of an arab car.
  4. doesn't matter, not like they would start the next day anyway.

    but if i had to...CCX
  5. hahaha give me the link of that site..
  6. Saleen.

    CCX interior styling is stolen.
    I like the Look of the Apollo but it isn't for me.
  7. I don't get this comparison. Like I never get them..I mean what the #$%# is the deal..
  9. Koenigsegg CCX .
  10. The S7 is ugly and I'd never want to support Saleen. The Apollo is pretty cool, but pretty ugly. It almost works because it's all hardcore and what not, but it's still pretty ugly. The CCX is far from perfect, but it's the best of the bunch. Plus the removal top would be great living here. CCX for me.
  11. not keen on any of them. out of those, the gumpert
  12. S7 TT by far. The CCX is faster (top speed, at least), but I think the Saleen looks better than it and the Apollo.
  13. Wait a minute which S7tt are we talking about the 750bhp 850bhp or the 1000+bhp???

    meh it dont matter, with what saleen offers and has, the car, the service, the reality of living with it EVERY day, and pure design function over the other two, it wins hands down...

    the saleen even at idle although burps abit below 3000rpms, is probably the most livable at those HP ratings, compared to the other two, passes Californias emissions and is 50state smog legal...and has even passed the McD's drive threw test of ordering the supersize and actually fitting it threw the window!

    with the CCX a close but still nowhere near saleen second and the gumpert a distance tail light last...
  14. Saleen S7TT. But it's a hard one.
  15. CCX by far.
  16. Saleen or Koenigsegg.
  17. i would really like to see a S7 on top gear
  19. Hmmm, toss-up between S7 and CCX. I'd probly go with S7, since it seems to back up it's claims better. Sounds shocking, too.
  20. the CCX is overrated, not to mention hideous. i cant respect the car

    apollo i respect tremendously but its styling would keep me away from making it my first choice. had i the money i would definatly get one but only after the S7

    which brings me to the S7. i think its gorgeous for one. not to mention its succesful racing twin the S7R. its a lightly turbocharged large displacement rather then the vastly supercharged small displacement of the CCX, which means its power is always on rather then the STRETCH of 806 koenigsegg promises.

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