SAR, tell us more about the transaxle & engine?

Discussion in '2005 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo' started by boomerk9, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. What is the peak torque tolerance?

    Can you also tell us exactly how much power the engine is making at 10 psi
    and at what rpm?

    What is the peak torque and at what rpm?

    Can I just say that I'm glad to have you on this forum, and would like to say many thanks for taking time to answer queries.
  2. We have tested loads up to 1200 ftlbs so far.
    At 10 psi the engine makes 987 hp, @ 6000 rpm, with 11 psi it is 1035 hp @ 6000 rpm
    Torque is 935 ft lbs @ 4800 rpm at 10 psi with 760 ftlbs @ 3000 rpm
  3. Thanks very much.

    Were these figures obtained from an engine dyno or a chassis dyno? (are these figures at the flywheel or the rear wheels?)
  4. All done on an engine dyno, so crank hp
  5. are there any plans for other work on the S7?
    any new ORIGINAL cars in the works? [as in other then modified fords]

    and one last thing, are you really trying to crack production car speed record?
  6. On the norm, do cars usually state the power at the crank or at the wheels for their figures?
  7. all numbers are SAE std at the crank as an industry standard
  8. 1. You mentioned that the 1000hp S7TT will have adjustable boost.
    Is 11 psi the maximum boost setting? If not, what is the maximum boost setting?

    2. I've read that the S7 makes almost 3000lbs downforce at 160mph (able to be driven upside down). I've also read that the S7TT has had a 60% increase in downforce yet 40% decrease in aerodynamic drag. What is the amount of downforce (rear and front) of the S7TT?


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