Saturn Aura XR *pix added*

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by phizzle, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. F1GTRueno vs. Dragstip. This is like AIDS vs. Cancer
  2. That is the brazilian Vectra, not the european, correct?
  3. Haha true.
  4. you just lol'd me
  5. It sure isn't the European.
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  7. It's a nice entry into the market but i'd still prefer

    A) an accord if i'm being practical
    B) A Mazdaspeed 6 or Legacy GT if i'm not.
  8. I hate Saturn radio layouts. They're atrocious.
  9. Best GM midsize sedan in years.
  10. Saturn is really helping save GM.
  11. that is really nice
  12. i like it. i just hope they put bigger engines in the saturn sky. they only have 4 cylinders now. bigger engine and it could be wicked fast
  13. Like your wonderful grand am with neons?
  14. I saw a TV spot for one right now, and when I saw the front of the car I was like "WTF WHY ISN'T IT UNDERSTEERING INTO A POLE." That's not to say that it's a bad looking car or anything, it's just...I'd never buy one, for fear of losing my life.

    I'm kinda worried, though, about how many people will run around saying that Saturn's "designers" are geniuses, now that they've re-packaged the VX220 and Vectra for America.
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  16. w/e nice car but there are better
  17. *Europeans
  18. I think the Aura is not based on the european Vectra, but on the brazilian one, which I believe is in a different platform... maybe this one will not understeer you into every #$%#ing ditch.
  19. Your face is daewoo based.
  20. GM midsize sedans must be absolutely shite if this is the best, it's brazilian, so therefore the cheapest of cheap, look at the VW Fox.
  21. The Fox is a car meant to be cheap from the begining...
  22. that should be GM's philosophy too
  23. The new Altima shits on this, still a good effort though.

    CR drove one today, I'll let him post his thoughts.
  24. I wouldn't talk anyone out of buying one, as it is smooth and quiet and roomy. But it isn't much fun, the dash is still reminiscient of a Malibus, and you still have to shell out a lot of money to get the decent motor. And the lack of a manual transmission offering makes the "sport saloon" moniker laughable.

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