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    I know there are a few slightly used ones being sold here in Ontario, Canada. Particularly a GTS ACR with the GTS-R rear wing.

    Also, now is when everyone takes their sports cars out to drive. I saw a Viper GTS the other day while I was driving through the parking lots of a large mall. My mother would kill me if she knew this, but as soon as I saw it I cut across two lanes(circling around the lots), pulled into a lot, and made a rally-style handbrake U-turn. Then I proceeded to do 100kph until I got there again. I spent a good 15 minutes just staring at this car.

    There's my obsession in a nutshell.
    Or in this case, a parking lot...
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    Man. I hope you get a Viper. Otherwise you might kill yourself.
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    I too am sad to see the old body style go, for it made such a massive impact on me when they first released it, it caused a massive amount of people to declare that the muscle car revolution had began again. Maybe one of these days I will get my hands on a used one. And I agree with some of you when you say that refinement and comfort is everything the viper shouldnt be, the viper should be a rebel as it was in its previous years.
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    I love the old viper. And the new is a nice look but I really like the old look better. I think they should have aloud special orders of the old model. But no they have only the srt-10 I miss the GTS. Still please don't try to compare the viper to something like the mustang or any other normal sports car. Well thoughs are my thoughts on the new and old viper models. But no matter what model it is the viper really kicks @$$.
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    I heard a rumor that Dodge is considering making a new Viper GTS. It shoud hawe about 550 hp at the rear wheels. It should come out sometime in 2005-2007. Looks great. 1/4 mile: 12.1 at 124.6 MPH. Top speed in excess of 200 MPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    About 95,000 dollars. I tested one. 0-to-60 in just 3.57 seconds, 0-to 100 in 7.05 seconds. 60-to-0 in only 99 feet!!!! 80-0 in only 155 feet. 70-to-0 in only 148 feet.

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