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Discussion in '2001 Gemballa 911 GTR 600' started by Spiritas, Aug 9, 2002.

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    all u people who say this sux need to be kicked in the face. THis car will run circles around u fools
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    what the hell? all you people are jerks. this car is not gay or anything. ur the ones who r.
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    I find this thread offensive to my intelligence.

    1: This car is arecord holder at nourbering (sp?). Saying that it cant handle is like saying a helicopter cant fly.

    2.The Mclaren has nice handling, and high to speed, the bugatti same, but this porsche is still faster. If you only look at HP numbers then you are wrong, HP is relative to its acceleration but not absolutely.

    3. Porsches aerodynamics are perfected and patented
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    i hate u
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    i hate u
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    Of all the Porsche tuners I think Gemballa is my favorite. It's a nice, well balancec package with tons of power and sophistication. Who cares if there are faster cars? If that's what sold cars then no one would buy these and everyone would wait to get a Mclaren F1!
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    D. McLaren and Bugatti can beat this. ok, wanna play hard?

    can those cars beat a Dauer Porsche 962 LeMans? not in top speed. not in acceleration. not in handling, but in displacement and cylinders cuz there technology bows b4 porsche's.

    as for u atman, u should dip ur head in a bucket of water three times and pull it out twice.
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    And you just found that out? Dumbass!
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    #$%# you moron. why the hell do you talk about all this shit? its not good for you. what car do you like? a piece of shit pontiac? this car is awesome.
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    What the #$%# do you drive atman????? You probably drive a cheap ass domestic and live with your #$%#en mom. I drive a Ferrari 355 and I'll admit, this car can tear it up. I have respect for Porsche and what they can do with a 6. Why don't you just go back to your small ass room and go read some car magazines you #$%#en idiot.
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    For a guy that "drives" a 355 you have terrible grammar, not the kind of intelligence someone has that can afford a Ferrar 355!
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    Yes top car
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    You should be shot!
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    This topic should be delited.

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    Mark: Porsches r mad atmann go #$%# ur mom again have u killed her yet!
    You probaly have u #$%#ing moran ass kunt.. Porsches and Lambo rule 4eva

    Rhys: fuk u #$%# porsches will fuken come root u up the ass muther fuker an if u think this is shit u mother fukin ass wipe i'd like to c ur fav car dick #$%#. P.S ur mom is waitin for u in bed to make an imbred!!!!!!!!......fuk u #$%#

    Luke: My Friends are right atman so go #$%# ur mum and if u see the porsche mate it's buet of a car, just go #$%# ur mom.
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    porsches r the best - a triumph of engineering over physics
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    um...ban ur ass...?
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    The Evolution version of this car recently posted a time of 7:32.5 around Nordschleife, making it the fasted street-legal car to ever lap the circuit. All on street-legal tyres, as well. That makes it gay, does it? I think not. I'm a big fan of naturally-aspirated cars, but any car which has forced induction employed properly, like this one, demands respect. Buckets of bottom-end, great midrange (100kmh-200kmh in 5.4 seconds...yipes) and a top speed of around 350kmh. Nissan should take note of the GTR 600 EVO: this is how it's done.
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    I like Ruf Porcshe's better.
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    That AtMan #$%# face is right about 1 thing. McLaren's and Bugatti's are better than this. SO FUKING WHAT???????? this car wouldn't of been made for out of this world performance. Secondly PORSCHE's Do NOT SUCK!!!! for it is u hu sucks, and that is a fact. the Dauer 962 LeMans is faster than the McLaren F1, so screw ya. (Although, the Bugatti 16/4 Veyron is better again, that is a bugatti, duhhh) But still, if the Worlds 3rd fastest production car can beat this my a wee margin, it makes this a true supercar.
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    bugatti suck
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    no, mate i don't think so. World's fastest production car
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    Exactly you're right!This car has made the best time in nurburig!More info:
  24. Did you know that Gemballa....

    made a 911(993) with 750hp to do the 0-200km/h in 7,5seconds!!!!This one (CTR600) does the 0-200km/h in 9,5seconds!
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    This car is sweet.

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