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  1. Good translation, I guess! lol
  2. Sbarro Espera ESP-9
  3. the picasso is pure tits!
  4. thanks! yes that was i mean!
  5. Okay. I think I get i now. And i will agree with you, the Picasso is rocking!
  6. I remember Sbarro from their hubless bike wheels.
  7. I thought you meant Sbarro the Italian fast-food pizza that drives Lada Oka's in Moscow. Lol those car look funny in Italian colours.
  8. Sbarros are the shit. I have a lot more pics of them somewhere. I say that a lot. I guesS Im just a lazy bastard and forget to post.
  9. Well get posting! And how can you say they are shit??
  10. that looks so much like that new canadian supercar from quebec!
  11. THE SHIT. not shit.
  12. They're not shit IMO, they're just.....well, strange, different. Some of them are too weird, but there are many cool ones (for example that red Picasso).

    Anyway, here's one: Sbarro Turbo S20
  13. I've never seen that before and damn does it look awesome, I really love it
  14. the make alot of cool stuff, but do they actually sell? how do they make profit?
  15. They build cars for rich customers on their demand. What's more, Espera Sbarro is also a design school. So, that's how they can make profits out of their work!
  16. Franco Sbarro is italian, not swiss....
  17. Sbarro Jumpy Atlante Des Neiges.....weird huh??
  18. Scorpius
    Challenge 2+2
  19. Sbarro Alfa Romeo 155 Sportwagon
  20. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
  21. superb!!!
  22. Sbarro Rolls-Royce Camargue Hunting
  23. Sbarro Sayta
  24. Sbarro Ferrari 550 Maranello
  25. Sbarro Challenge

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