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  1. Well a real political spectrum is complete government control; aka totalitarianism on the left and no government conntrol; aka anarchy on the right

    So extremely right wing is very close to anarchy

    The traditional 'right and left' used in America and Europe are false, talking point terms. In America, people believe right is republican and left is democrat. However, if you follow the true political spectrum, both parties and schools of thought are in favor for MORE government control. The constitution and libertarian parties are the closest things to true right or little government control in the US.
  2. He's just a hippy now. That 7 got impounded I think.
  3. Go tell that to the spics and other illegal aliens coming from Mexico and other third world south american countries who come illegally in the US, who steal jobs, leech off health care, free social security and who ride the welfare train by living on food coupons paid by taxes of hardworking people. You are such a socialist
  4. The "spic" demographic is probably the hardest working group in America

    Plus how can somebody with no documents apply for welfare and social security benefits
  5. Guess they should've thought of that first, HUH
  6. Ain't capitalism great?
  7. I'll always remember LegendNH telling me "I swear on the sweating shit coming out of my ass that you're not laughing out loud."
  8. haha!
  9. It was actually the last time I ever said LOL.
  10. Legendnh was a weirdo
  11. Let's just go play basketball.
  12. I respect the democratic process.
    In my own country.
    I don't give a shit about other countries.
    Maybe you should look in your own glasshouse before you start throwing discarded snail shells around, #%$got.
  13. shirts vs skins
  14. ''spics'' and brownies are becoming the majority lol
  15. I made it, that's why it was crap, people moaned some PICs were bigger than others
  16. That was probably me moaning. Look how small my picture is! Surely we all deserve equal representation?!
  17. DSM_Owner
  18. Well said. Which is why fascism is an inherently left wing ideology. A true right wing government denies itself the power over the people to even be capable of performing social engineering.
  19. I haven't seen them mentioned yet, but I think Burner, extrasuperpower, sled driver,Walperstyle, Seansvette, bucknutz, dahldrin, and henriksjostdt (sp?) deserve to be on the list.
  20. Have Nogger and Skinnytick been mentioned?

    Nogger, right? With the sister?

    I just miss Chevy, to be honest.
  21. a middle finger salute for sled driver, here here
  22. Why thank you very much. Going 13 years or so strong now.

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