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  1. BIKE fAg thread

    We should consolidate this shit so we don't make too many and so it doesn't fustigate all the normal people. IS THIS GOOD IDEAD TO YUO FISSHUS???? I'm not asking for this to be stickied, just have the hardcore bikerfruits of this site bookmark it and bump it whenever they get something new or have a question or something.

    In bikeFaAGgot news for me today, I took a study break and picked up a rain bike and a Chrome roll-top backpack for $200. $100 for the bike, the guy was asking $150 for the bag because it's new and shit, but he made a deal for me which was nice.

    The bike is a 1973 Windsor Carrera Sport. It's got some sorta nice stuff about it, pretty neat lugs, SR Apex cranks, some high-flange track hubs, decent road dropouts (suntour), funky flat bars, and a bandana as a nutbash pad on the stem. It's ugly as sin and slow as hell, but when school gets out I'm going to pull it apart, strip the paint off, and give it a nice new color scheme. I was gonna paint it somewhere between beige and light yellow, polish the headset/seatpost and all, then outline the lugs with a medium brown, then get a track stem and some simple drop bars, wrap them in brown leather tape, then give it a leather saddle. I think it'll look clean. Think like the Windsor track bike in pic 5 or whatev

    anyways, how was your bikefAg day
  2. BIKE fAg thread

    Whoa nice bike. Cranks and all.
  3. BIKE fAg thread

    bikerfox flip
  4. BIKE fAg thread

    That cream bike is #$%#ing sweeet.
  5. BIKE fAg thread

    Seriously, how fUcking clean is that? The only things wrong that I can see are the tires are all new looking and shit (totally forgivable), and the front wheel is laced radially (wut).

    and ryanator i will bikerfoxflip on to your spine and crush you liek mushroom on forest floor
  6. BIKE fAg thread

    Where do you people find these bikes?
  7. BIKE fAg thread

    oh hey I just won a pair of Saavedra Turbo tubular rims on eBay for $20. They're 585g for the pair, supposedly very strong, aero 21mm deep rimzzzzz. I just need to find the right set of hubs and my track bike will be almost completely perfect. Dunno what hubs to get. Thinking I might get Dura Ace, but my buddy can prodeal me a set of Phil Wood hubs for $200, and he can also get me American Classics at wholesale. what to dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    here is pic of rims. they look like that except mine are niggerblack

    also I had my first pedal strike today, while rounding a sharp turn on campus. i nearly shat myself because of the noise it made.
  8. BIKE fAg thread

  9. BIKE fAg thread

    Im looking to buy a mountain bike. But I am poor <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  10. BIKE fAg thread

    sorry it edits both posts, wtf
  11. BIKE fAg thread

    jesusfUckingshit, what is that like 63cm or somthin
  12. BIKE fAg thread

    Sold this fAg, and this other way too tall fAg:
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  14. BIKE fAg thread

    Are me and norco the only guys on here that mountain bike?
  15. BIKE fAg thread

    No pics of my Miyata or Bianchi right now.
  16. BIKE fAg thread

    I went out a couple weeks ago with a friend who is pretty into it. I rode on his old 2004 rockhopper. I had a BLAST and I am really wanting to go again.
  17. BIKE fAg thread

    I do, its more of a winter thang for me.
    I put together this frankenstein mtb on Saturday night, not top of the line but its a tank and eats snow for breakfast.

    I'm also maybe getting an old aluminium Gary Fisher frame, but I think it has vertical dropouts for some reason.. and I'm afraid.
  18. BIKE fAg thread
  19. BIKE fAg thread

    First of all, gatorskins are tight so don't hate. Secondly, RADIAL IS THE SHIT TURDMONGER! Thirdly and lastly, get a new front chainring before you pancake that old one.
  20. BIKE fAg thread

    Whoa how big is that gimme now!
  21. BIKE fAg thread

    My bike - pre-handlebar wrap, bar ends, and white front tire.
  22. BIKE fAg thread

    I can understand, but I would have probably put aesthetics before having mad-skkiddz tires and used some classic-styled tires, maybe even go tubular and have a nice pair of sew-ups. I'm aware that radial is the shit and that I am, in fact, a turdmonger, however I don't know how well I like it on an early 70's track bike that has everything else in order.
  23. BIKE fAg thread

    god santa cruz has turned you into a pissgarling FAGGOOOO
  24. BIKE fAg thread

    davis and sac are clearly working to make you more charming as well
  25. BIKE fAg thread


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