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  1. i used to poop in the bathtub when i was little.
  2. its Tdot!

    At least there is a fast track for families with infants
  3. confess 2 impress

  4. Sometimes I like being mediocre at things so people will expect good things from me, but not anything spectacular that I'll have to keep living up to.
  5. I would totally #$%# the companyman, even though he's a professional-grade asshole.
  6. for a moment i thought that said "...because he has a professional-grade asshole"
  7. I originally gave the Mechanical Arts password to 944turb0 probably more than 6-7 years ago now, who he gave it to after that, who knows. Could still be him. I guess it was 6 years ago if I made this account in 2008, assuming that info is even accurate.
  8. my stomach issues are worsen to the point where I often puke randomly and can't eat much
  9. you might have a hernia
  10. or stomach bug or some kind of that shit yeah, I'm seeing the doc again this wednesday.

    Last time she was like "lol ur 2 young gtfo and stop drinking beer asshole"
  11. friend of mine had a similar issue last year they only realized what it was when his innie became an outie as his intestine tried to come out. he was 33 at the time.
  12. what
  13. it was fUcking weird man.

    his belly button was sticking out a good centimeter from his body
  14. Jesus #$%#ing christ

    its not my case ..
  15. he started out with no signs of anything wrong. took about 8 months for that to happen. do inquire about checking for that.
  16. I wish I was single.
  17. Easy enough to fix.
  18. He has a professional-grade ass. He must work out. It's one peachy behind.
  19. take a picture
  20. I was AJ Yawn

    And admin

    Forgot passwords to both
  21. I'm not going to his office and asking him to turn around for me.
  22. I'm in lesbians.
  23. I literally spat my coffee on the floor laughing to this.
  24. With who?
  25. This was my lunch.

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