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  1. Yes
  2. Regrettably I'm not going to be able to make a meet up for a whlie. Broke as SHIT at the moment :(
  3. That depends on how late is late December. My internship doesn't let me go anywhere before 22th. I can do any of those 3 but I have a strong preference for Stuttgart.
  4. Fump used to live there, right?
  5. I'm seriously going to feel like shit if VI has to cross the Atlantic and meet nobody from this site.
  6. Yeah
  7. I need a vacation. Maybe I should come meet you guys. Middle of winter, though? Not sure my Middle Eastern body can handle that.
  8. That second post! o_O
  9. Spending all my money on wedding right now. So i don't think i will make it.
  10. I'm spending all my money on heroin but I still want to meet
  11. All of you shits better make it happen.
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  12. So far its just me and Harka in Stuttgart. For Christmas, apparently.
  13. Call Fump.
  14. Lol.

    New Year's eve might be more suitable.
  15. Don't be a pussy. It's Baden-W├╝rttemberg, not Yakutsk Oblast ffs. Warmer where I'm coming from and definitely warmer than Edmonton.
  16. It was 24C here today and everybody was wearing long sleeves.
    From my own experience, I can handle 5-10C quite well, given the right clothing, but will not enjoy myself if it's below that.
  17. Yes you will

    There's winterbock and I can warm you up if you know what I mean
  18. My gf comes from a tropical climate with 35c and 90% humidity. She's doing fine here. Listen to harka, don't be a pus
  19. Bunch a sissies. It's -15 Celsius here right now and I still managed to break a sweat today.
  20. is almost scarf and ugg weather in northern california
  21. and pumpkin spice lattes
  22. My time from Christmas to New Years is already booked off. If it's late December, I can basically stay in Europe to Christmas Day but then I have to **** off back to Canada.
  23. How frequently do you travel to this continent?

    I'm really keen to meet members but the prospect of buying tickets to Stuttgart to share a pint with a single member is a dick prospect (even if that member is V.Eis) in this financial situation.

    My brother lives in Frankfurt and with some combination of prostitutes and Tanzhaus West we might have pulled off an entertaining New Year's eve. But he's coming home for Christmas and I'm at home on Christmas.

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