guessing game, round 17: Suzuka

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Arcanjo, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. Whoa, I did really good this round.
  2. What are you talking about? If you beat me in the next round by as much as I won in this round, you will still win.
  3. I'm gonna win niggas.
    If I don't, I'll make up new rules in the last minute to make me win.
  4. "New rule: Brazilians always win, because pimpin' aint easy."
  5. Hot news: Erico has come up with awesome new points for our final round. Potentially everyone down to F Enzo have a chance of winning. I won't reveal too much more. I'll leave Erico to unveil the new points system.
  6. Brutha, I missed 3 races and I'm there, holding the 6th spot... good performance me thinks... If I can end up in the top 5 or less at the end I'm cool...
  7. You drive a Panda. Your engine doesn't blow up.
  8. you always speaking the truth...
  9. Yeah, read what Madhav said.
    If you're from Brazil and like the pimp life, you get another 333 points.
  10. HEY YOU DIDN'T INCLUDE ME!!!!!!!!!!
    Please tell my my points...i was told i made in time cause of the modified schedule
  11. You scored 32 and have 521.
    I left you out on purpose just to see if you would freak out!
  12. I should get a 400 point bonus, because that's how cool I am.
  13. Forget 400, if Erico's in a good mood he might give you 1.
  14. I'll take it.
  15. "if Erico's in a good mood"
  16. I'll be in a good mood on monday if I get laid on the weekend.

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