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    im artistic

    relaxing with hacks and drugs
    enjoying freedom
    an afternoon ride
    chillin at the hipster pad
    hard days work
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  2. Nice. Much better art than the so-called "art" that's out there these days. Keep making them.
  3. ol does vman still work at traffic centre thing?
  4. Doesn't CB live in the Bay? I mean, I know that's a studio apartment, but that's the apartment of a multi-millionaire down there. Which I guess I dunno, maybe he is? I don't know his life.

    But very complimentary.
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  6. ETB4U seems quite accurate, though, sans the PBR and perhaps some facial hair.
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  7. I approve of this thread
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    Guys I'm being creative, they're my interpretation of what I think you are doing right now this very second and what I think you look like currently.

    I'd like to think he has decent taste.

    none of these are meant as insults. art imitates life. these all have meaning you have to think about it
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  9. today's batch:

    adventurous bbq
    do my homework
    man of tastes
  10. lol yes
    but why am i so gross

    edit: i guess its accurate :( except i dont eat carbs
    edit2: thanks for the visible package
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  11. and a cooler gun guy gun
    that looks like a .22 or some other soyboy gun
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  12. well now, these are impressive
  13. I demand this thread get stickied and posted on the home page so future generations can enjoy.
  14. fixed cb to reflect his good lifestyle choices


    life and friendships
    stealthy rocker
    Seabee v2
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  15. I think that the Wheelman piece needs more autofellatio.
  16. I like coming back and seeing if I missed any details. Lmao I just noticed Verymon is a peeping Tom, and 6MFirebird uses turbo tax for his work.
  17. TOR
    winter is coming
  18. If the license plate said "TABARNAK" and there was a plate of poutine, it would be perfect.
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  19. Definitely need a hemi one and DIGGS one. Speaking of DIGGS, I wonder if his assault rifle killed him.
  20. Hemistage should be interesting
  21. WINTERSUX is pretty good too, that's about 98% of his facebook posts.
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  22. Facebook sux
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