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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ronin, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. so what do you do now?
  2. You should feel what it's like to be gone for a couple of years and then see what he has to say. The change is astonishing.
  3. it was a joke you twats.
  4. I work for Frito-Lay (which is actually where I'm posting from right now).
  5. What was the joke? Post up!
  6. I'll drink to that.
  7. I believe it was his comment about Luke's stupidity. I stand by my response.
  8. I just wanted to write "post up" because I laugh hard when I read it.
  9. Shouldn't that read chemisery?
  10. It should, but that's just ONE of the stupid things about it.
  11. Not a science major, but I'm getting my Masters in Security and Diplomacy in one year which definitely kills my social life.
  12. Until you can't pay your bills.
  13. Not everyone aspires to live in a quarter-million dollar house and drive around in a new car.
  14. Quarter million dollar house? Maybe in Idaho that'd get you something to aspire to.
  15. 250K is dirt cheap
  16. Good luck finding a quarter million dollar house.
  17. Whilst Luke's example may have been poor, the point he is making, is not.

    Whilst in his shoes, I probably would've finished the degree, being so close to the end, I pity those of you for whom financial security seems to be one of your highest goals. Whilst there's nothing inherantly wrong with money, forever chasing it is a (misguided) waste of life.

    Who is to be pitied more? The person who has no degree (but is likely every bit as intellectually adept as the college grad), lives in an average house, with a moderate income, but has a loving family and friends and is genuinely content with what he has?

    Or the person who works his ass off to achieve top-dollar in his working life with extraordinary material wealth, but with a wife he hardly sees, kids he barely knows and a career that takes so much of his time, he has none left for the relationships that matter more than any sum of money?

    I vote for the latter, without apology or hesitation.

    I'm not suggesting that those who get a degree are foolish for their decision - not at all. But what I am suggesting, is that because a person chooses a goal other than academia and material affluence, does NOT warrant ridicule. Only the recognition that they have different (and no lesser) priorities.
  18. You say whilst one more time and I'm gunna e*slap the taste out your mouth.
  19. Keep in mind that not everybody lives in a large city.

    It's not hard to find a decent house in my town for $180,000.
  20. Yeah, because those are the only two possible outcomes.
  21. You know very well that the outcomes can be extremely varied for both scenarios, so don't bother attempting pwning with that path.

    The point I made was totally valid. Any attempt by anyone to suggest otherwise in an exercise in futility.
  22. BS & MSEE
  24. Please,

    Why don't you grow up and realize that just because money isn't a problem until it's not there, at which point it becomes a huge problem and can definitely strain relationships, it is better than straining a relationship in pursuit of money. Nobody out there actually enjoys working. F minus.


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