SCN Member Collage - New Version for 2009!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. people have posted now.

    yuo post!
  2. want me to print one out and send it to you?

    i'll autograph it with anything you want.
  3. If i send you silver surfer tshirt, you send me n00ds, ok?
  4. how about bare ass?
  5. I know they have mirrors in Canada.
  6. I can't be part of this, my head will take up 95% of the collage.
  7. harsh, now he's never going to talk to a girl.
  8. if you've posed for the picture spefically for sending it to me, then yes.

    no pants
  9. lol okay done.

    i'll hold up a sign with Veyronman.

    but do I have to mail it or just email?
  10. anal sex addict.
  11. i want an 8x10 glossy of it
  12. you actually look completely different.

  13. okay, if you don't post it on

    I'll get my girlfriend to take it.

    I have to say girlfriend to reassure everyone of my sexual orientation lol.
  14. I'll do one with me holding veyronman over my crotch lol
  15. I won't post it. I'll keep it stashed away! haha
  16. lol go for it
  17. this party is now much better looking.
  18. you choose. me sober or me drunk
  20. HOLY SHIT hahHSAhhA
  21. lol what a monkey
  22. I bring all of the boys to the backyard...btw, my muscles look so tiny as there's 0% contrast in that pic, I didn't touch it at all.
  23. you look considerably more buff than last time you posted nearnudes

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