Scots vs. English vs. Irish

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  1. Who rules the British Isles? (note: nobody cares about the Welsh)
  2. The English, obviously.
  3. english in terms of power/etc
    scotts in terms of coolness
    irish in terms of accent
  4. The Irish, obviously.
  6. Irish are fun to be around w/.
  7. obviously the english.

    the scots are cool, but the irish are the black people for the british isles.
  8. Personally, I think a Scotsmen's accent > than an Irishman's accent. I personally know a Scotsman though, so it could just be bias.
  9. Well, the english are essentially the ones on the throne. Then I would say the Scots come next, for their awesome lifestyle/hardcore, moreso than the other contenders. Irish? Good for stout/ale. s'bout it.
  10. English people shouldnt be able to vote.

    it goes;
    Irish > Scottish >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> English
  11. Are they allowed to post though, cause they'll mention the real answer which goes something like this. 'The Parliament of the United Kingdom continues to constitute the supreme legislature of Scotland, Wales and Norther Ireland.' No use here because this poll turned into 'Which stereotype do i luv the most'. Makes the result much more interesting and i'll check them this avo.
  12. wales is dope.

    scotts are kewl.

    irish lol.

  13. Convicts shouldn't be allowed to post.
  14. i believe it would be an insult to even convicts to be lumped in with an Uruguayan...
  15. I want to know who gave the bastards computer access. They were put there to think about what they've done/get killed by stingrays, not ruin the internet.
  16. English > Scottish > Irish
  17. Irish clearly.

    Welsh though.
  18. Scots>Irish>English allthough all are great races.
  19. english>irish>scots
  20. I fail to see exactly whats cool about Scottish people, at least apart from Ewan McGreghor

    and the Welsh accent is the best
  21. They make Whisky, they make Haggis and they haven't #$%#ed up the most beautiful landscape in the British Isles.
    EDIT: and Hogmanay

    (I'm English)
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    The answer is Andrea Corr.

  23. Edinburgh is a ripper city too, just magical.
  24. the earliest any of my family was in Australia was the mid 1950s.
    So I guess I'm allowed to post then <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>

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