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  1. They tried to incorporate far too many coupe aspects into their sedan and they mixed about as well as oil and water. A hatchback sedan? There's a reason Saab knocked that off, it looked terrible. Ditto the Chevy Malibu Maxx...xxxxx. Awful. A pity, the concept sketches looked pretty decent.
  2. lol at Boxster taillights.
  3. The concept sketches looked like a Carrera GT sedan, which seemed like a brilliant direction for it to go. The test mule definitely lacks a certain beauty, so let's hope when the camouflage is peeled away that something desirable is there. And if it costs 50 grand then I'm Michael Schumacher. Another thing: why is it when Porsche makes anything besides a rear-engined sports car they're 'watering down' the brand? They've been batting around the idea of a sports sedan for decades now. The Cayenne is an abomination, but it's helped pay some bills in Stuttgart. Should Maserati and Alfa produce only single-seaters for the rest of all time? Or would you prefer they be in business?
  4. your display pic is awesum
  5. lol at 4-door Porsche.
  6. Don't worry people. Just because the disguised mule shots look ugly and fat doesn't mean the finished product will. It certainly won't have the profile of the Malibu Maxxxxxxxxxxx!

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