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Discussion in '2000 Dodge Viper ACR' started by CarZOne, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. It had a cracked windshield though, whats the best viper you guys seen?
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    On the road is an RT/10. (I love in Australia so that was as rare as hen;s teeth)
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    The best viper i've ever seen has been a gunmetal ACR
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    i saw the team orca viper last nite
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    Last summer I saw a yellow acr with black racing stripes and a huge spoiler. Some old fat guy with a hot chick in the passenger seat got out. After they left the valet pulled up in a blue gts with silver stripes it was awesome seein two vipers so close.
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    A Viper SRT10, GTS, and an RT/10. Around my neighbourhood, people have lots of money. I've seen these three on a regular basis. They're simply amazing. It almost stops traffic when they're around. The unfortunate thing is, since they probably worked their whole lives to afford it, they never push 'em hard!
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    I saw the viper gts-r.But the problem is that the car was all crashed.The mechanics (I saw it at a race track) did a good job to make her look new.Extremely nice car.
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    these are my babies
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    the nicest vipers i ever saw were mine
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    I've seen a brand new 2003 Viper SRT-10... holy shit its bad, it was a factory model, the guy was just running it to get it ready to race, getting the engine all broken in. It sounded absolutly beutiful, very very clean sounding, defenitly a muslce car however not the loud ground rattling noise, thats too bad. Doesnt sound like a hemi, but you can tell its really got some power.
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    Also saw one at the Barret Jackson, in scottsdale AZ, on display. Along with the crossfire, 300M special, SRT-4, Razor etc.
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    What type of racing are we talking about? Track, drag, illegal?

    N E Wayz, I can't wait until the day when I own one of those bad boys. Heads are gonna turn then!
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    I also saw one of these ACRs today. And by saw, I mean I looked at it before I got in it to drive it. I probably got a good glimpse of it as I got out of it, but then again, I was trying to keep my calves from getting burned on the panel that hides the exhaust.
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    Nicest one was a 2001 Deep sapphire blue with Cognac interior, of course this is my one <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  16. I've probably seen over 100 Vipers in my time, most of them at Fitzgerald Motorsports, better knowwn as the world's biggest Viper dealership. Probably the two best Vipers I've ever seen were a white and blue striped Carroll Shelby limited edition RT/10, personally autographed by Shelby himself (Mr. Fitzgerald is Shelby's cousin), and a black ACR with metallic gold racing stripes and metallic gold checkered flags all across the rear haunches. Thing was sick. As for the guy who saw the yellow & black ACR, chances are it's the same one that was sold through the DuPont Registry a few years back. This particular one was a GTS owned by some rich guy in Dallas who put a lot of upgrades on it. I think it was supercharged or something, but either way it had a lot of power. He had internal rollbars, a GT2 front splitter and airdam, as well as the rear wing and converging black racing stripes. Incredible car, maybe the best tuned Viper ever made.

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