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    A guy I know in Almont(not far from Ottawa, Ontario) has one of these.
    Its awsome. The town is small and has very hilly S-turnes. He blasts through town doing prolly 120km in a 40km zone.
    Its a fast little thing. I seen it on the highway zipping through traffic so fast you rub your eyes wondering what the hell you just saw.

    Actually, I meet the co-owner of Campagna once. He was apart of the Callaway design team I think.

    If yah need more info and better pics of the T-Rex, goto
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    sounds interesting. looks barely streetlegal though.
    however quebec is a #$%#ed up place so anything goes is spose

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    It probably was a replica of one.<!-- Signature -->
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    Uh wtf? How do you make a replica of this?? Build it yourself? It'd be cheaper to buy the real thing.
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    Its just a flashy go-cart, big deal.
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    A flashy go-kart it might be, but in a twisty section it'd smoke alot of 'supercars' this thing weighs 800pounds...thats like sitting on an engine with wheels, must be some scary ass ride
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    that'd be cool to own one of these. it's so light and need hardly any horse power to more it around.
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    ive seen one of these in Lawrence Kansas, i bet nobody knows where that is but anyway it is street legal in the US, i just dont know how it made it thru the crash test ratings.
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    NO IT WOULDN'T! I could archweld the frame with $10 of steel, take the engine out of lawnmower, install a tank of nirous oxide, and I'd be good! As long as you don't care much about a complex gearbox, I could make one of these for $300!
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    ive seen these more than once...theyre ugly as hell but they must be fun. I like the lawnmower idea though
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    i've seen them on meny occasions. I live in Montreal and there are a few people here who own and occasionnaly race them. I also travel in the province alot and i've seen about 5 of them parked on the side of the road once, like some kind of t-rex owner party or something, that was nice!!!
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    I've seen a couple of them in Montreal too.
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    Actually its far from a lawnmower, it is a 1100cc suzuki motorcycle rear end ( motor, tranny, rear set) attached to a space frame, thats why it only has one wheel in the back. So it is technically a motorcycle with a different seating and steering config. It has the good parts of a bike like high power to weight ratio but safer, with a more stable front end, frame, and of course, seatbelts!
    Trust me i would feel way safer in this at over 120mph than on my bike (that doesnt stop me from breaking sound barrier on two wheels though)
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    ya, ummmm, i'd say u could use the lawnmower idea. it looks like crap, so even if u screw up, it'll only make it look better.

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