Seen this shit going down route 24

Discussion in '2003 Bentley Continental GT' started by thedark1unknown, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. This is prolly one of the most beutiful cars on the road that i have seen (espcially with the spoiler up) Tell me if any one else had seen this car and where?
  2. Owning one of these cars myself, I have to agree with you there, they aare fantastic.
  3. yeah and i own an Enzo
  4. I'm a parking valet, and i drove one once. They're truly jewel on wheel and they sound great too!!!!
  5. I saw one of these today 11.22.04 on Hwy 90 around Houma. Thats a small town between New Orleans & Baton Rouge down in Louisiana. It was a dark forest green color & caught caught my eye. I couldn't help but notice it. What I really noticed was the grill. I have a 2005 Chrysler 300C & I put a bently style chrome mesh grill on my car. When I noticed the grill of the real Bently coming my way I thought..."his grill looks better than mine" Then I realized it was cause he was in a real Bently
  6. I have yet to see one of these things on the road [although I have seen a new Phantom <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>], but I saw three or four of them in one day when I went to Greenwich, Connecticutt to check out all the dealers. I saw so much crazy stuff that day. I saw a silver Vanquish and a Rosso Barchetta (burgundy) F355 GTB out on the roads, as well as the first US-market Elise and a Maybach 62. The best dealer there was Miller Motorcars, which has a Bentley division, a Ferrari/Maserati division, a Rolls-Royce division and a few others. At the Ferrari dealer I was able to sit in 2 or 3 360 Spiders, a few 360 coupes (including one with a green interior and dash) and a few F355s. No luck finding an F50 or an Enzo, though, which is what I had gone for. The day wasn't a complete loss, though. Later on I went to the Bentley sector of Miller, which was run by a guy with a thick Scottish accent to give the cars the true British feel. They only had two cars in the showroom, but they were both hot models. One was a used '02 Arnage T in a really cool bright blue color (can't remember the name). I almost shit myself when I asked him if I could sit in it and he said yes. Those have got to be the most comfortable leather seats I have ever sat in, and I've been in a few top-notch seats before. Next was a black Continental GT. I didn't even have to ask to sit in that one; he offered to unlock it for me. I was amazed at how far car technology had come. Everything, and I mean everything, had a motor for it. Even the cupholders were electronically operated. Just hit a switch and boom - a place to set your cup of tea or Cristal. It had the rearview cameras, the electronic glovebox, motors for moving the headrests, just all kinds of crazy stuff that only comes in a $200K+ car (and that's what these things go for, MSRPs be damned). Talk about luxury. These things are literally a Ritz-Carlton on wheels, which might explain why they weigh as much as a high-class hotel. As for the styling, far too blobbish for my taste, although the darker colors make it look pretty badass, but the saddle colored interior and diamond-cut (yes, I said diamond) gauges more than made up for it. To top the day off, the sales associate provided me with one of the last 2003 Arnage brochures they had. Needless to say, if you live on the east coast, Greenwich is more than worth the trip, especially for Bentley fans.
  7. If you really want to see these in every color they're made (that is without going to the dealership) go to south beach miami. I see 'em everyday. i love these things. Miami is the town for cars. 360 spiders, murcielagos, vanquishes, etc.
  8. I've seen plenty. One guy owns one, and works in a hospital near my house. A black one, and I see that most days. A local dealership has often got one, and I saw one on the road in some euro country I was passing throgh, with the spoiler up.
  9. i see one pretty much every day, coming back from school, its blue and its beutiful
  10. I've seen one in one of the rich suburbs of Seattle, a black on, at a little girl's soccer practice! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  11. And I own a Veyron
  12. The guy whos house I take care of owns one and it is a beautiful car and it kills me to walk past it every day and know just how little use he gets out of it. Got to keep those low miles.
  13. I have to drive though Woodford which is in Essex, London to go to my work, this is where many of the super rich football players live, i pretty much see atleast one of these everyday, as well as other exotic cars such as ferraris, and many upmarket mercedes and bmws. The ferrari (sorry i dont know the model name/number) which is in the new miami vice movie (not that exact car) , also in silver, saw that on the way home today.

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