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  1. Okay, i've made a system in Photoshop to allow you to easily, time and time again, change the colour of a car, i won't tell anyone, but i'll show you a Vanquish that i did.
    One, in a Ford Falcon XR blue, and the other in British Racing Green
  2. the color quality isn't really good...

    and you should do a dark blue one, looks great
  3. Your system is shit.
  4. is it. ..find a picture with white backround then replace color :p?
  5. no, loppy, that would make the wheels a different colour by now, i can do any colour i want without having to deal with lights colour, badges and wheels.

    And the quality is shit because i reduced its size to allow it to load quicker
    Someone asked for dark blue
  6. lets see a really good quality one then.
  7. lets see a really good quality one then.
  8. I asked for dark bleu yes, can you post it in better quality so I can judge it
  9. i used a wallpaper from this site, and the colours aren't that great on it either.

    This is the best quality i was working in.
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    that's a lot better and the perfect color too, quality could have been better...

    if you need good quality car pics go to:
  11. wow, a Hue/Saturation Layer mask. you should be proud.
  12. you're damn right im proud, i don't have twenty million hours spare time like you 996 911 Turbo. i have a life.
  13. Wow, what a big secret, I've had Photoshop for 24 hours.
  14. nice orange ;)
  15. Now that I'm messing around with this, pearlescent Gallardo anyone?

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