Send me some good vibes guys.

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  1. Good luck. I am blasting your son with as much energy as I can muster
  2. I'm sorry to hear that! Best of luck to you and your son!

    This reminds me I need to get my eyes checked/tests, I have a little black smudge in the vision of my left eye.
  3. Yeah you probably want to get that looked at
  4. She'll be right, Trev.
  5. That's just the abo stalking you.
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  6. hopefully everything went swimmingly this morning and he'll be up and going in a few hours.
  7. Sorry to hear that. Hope everything went well and he is ok now.
  8. Any update?
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    Man oh man, I'm so tired

    Ok, here some updates.
    Right now, my son is sleeping and he looks like a pirate.

    The operation went smoothly and the doctor said it wasn't that bad and he should have his vision back.
    I said should because tomorrow afternoon, we're going back to see the doc so he can take all the bandages off on his
    right eye. That's when he'll give us if the operation was a success. By the way the doctor was speaking to us, he looked
    really happy, so for me, that's a good sign.

    He also told us that my son will be closely monitored for any future problems. That means he'll have check-ups for his eyes, every months for a years, and after twice a year. I really like that.

    One last note about the staff at that hospital. In the past, I said some pretty bad words about our healthcare system, but now, I'll
    retract all that. Everybody took really good care and well being of my son. I was really impress, in fact, I said MERCI to all the personel that were with him. I couldn't ask for better.

    So, again, most probably I'll have more good news to post tomorrow.
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  10. Seriously, my eldest son had that a couple of years ago. At that time, when we arrived at the hospital, his vision came back and
    the spots disappeared. He was still checked, and they said most probably it was some floating bodies in the eyes. (Floating bodies,
    I really don't know how to describe that in english, hope you understand)
  11. yeah once you're in the system / being treated, our service is top quality. Its getting there, the red tape buy incorporated doctors..

    glad to ear it went well, looking forward to tomorrow's update
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  12. The only 2 complaints I have: rush hour sucks and the Montréal roads are awful, geez!
  13. I'm expecting to lose a corner of my car one of these years in your province
  14. damn. i'm glad everything went well man.

    and yeah, people can develop "floaters" as you said (that's what I've heard them called too), but usually as you get older.

    hopefully he has a full return of his vision
  15. Jesus! Now I feel old. I was 17 when I started coming here... Apparently 13 years ago. What's he up to/doing in life. The internet is weird cuz you kinda fall into the trap of thinking things are static and then you realize that huge changes take place over the years.
  16. I'm telling you, time flies fast especially when you have kids.

    My eldest son is doing a master degree in history at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), I think it's his last year starting
    this September, not sure. He's tall, like 1 inch taller than me and I'm 6'4". And my youngest will be 19 in a couple of weeks. He's in
    Cegep right now, in social studies. He's a big boy, tall and massive.

    Both said that they'll look for a part-time job for this summer, but what happened to my eldest, the doctor said that's out of
    the question because he needs to take time to heel his eye. And that's fine so that way, he'll be ready for this September for
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  17. i hope you told him the shit eyes are supposed to happen to ur old ass, not his. hope he gets well soon <3
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  18. friend just had 2 OEM BMW wheels fall apart after the winter (ok only 1 fell apart, the other one is bumped), its a 2014..
  19. Didn't need to tell him that, he saw it first hand at the hospital. All the patients that was there was 70 years and up. He was the only youngster in the crowd of old patients.
  20. I need to use Notre-Dame East street all the way to Dickson street, up north, all the way to the hospital.
    And by the way, the hospital is Maisonneuve-Rosemont.
    Those streets are in pityful condition, and L'Assomption boulevard right next to the hospital, it's a mine feild!!
  21. that's the worst stretch indeed, but its on purpose to slow people down. They do that on a couple other places...
  22. Good vibes and prayers to you and your son. Keep us updated, my friend. We all hope for a speedy recovery.

    I suggest consult with an eye doctor to know which activities your son should avoid to minimize the risks. Usually, the activities that sends strong vibrations to the head (boxing, bungee jumping, riding wooden roller coasters, etc) increases the risks. One of my undergrad professors got retinal detachment while surfing. My guess is his eyes were probably being splashed hard with the water from waves.

    My eyes are also myopic, so retina detachment is a worry for me as well. I used to enjoy roller coasters, I heard riding those really rough wooden coasters increases the risks. Even though my eye doctor said it should be fine, wooden coasters are still off of my to-do list.
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  23. That's what the doctor said, no more activities that can send vibrations to his eyes.
    Leaving soon to his appointment. That's when we'll now if the operation was a sucess.
  24. and here you are asking for our good vibes. evil!
  25. OM NOM NOM

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