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  1. Stop parking like an asshat!
    j/k <3
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  2. @Damestic89 Wanna do some laps around Mid-Ohio this year?
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  3. What are the dates/ link to the event?
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  4. Both must have stickers or permiban.
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  5. First autocross of the season this Sunday, weeee. Be my first time with good tires on all four corners (PSS instead of crap Contis on the front), hopefully it'll help a little.

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  6. Videos from this weekends event. Had over 70 participants with this chapter, about 3 times what we usually do in WV. My run group moved very quickly so didn't have time to tinker with camera angles and mic placements like I usually do. Had to just sit it in the middle when my buddy rode with me.

  7. Got a few pics that I think I like rather well. Was a 2+ hour drive back home (hit a new high score of 186 running away from a few friends convoying, so that was fun) so didn't really mess with the pics yet.

    Old SCN'ers will know my fondness for Corvairs. Think I need to dial back the contract on this one, just used auto adjustments in gimp cause it was late.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. is the M5 a pussy magnet?
  9. Not flashy enough for that.
  10. even when you blip the throttle to assure dominance?
  11. Went cruising with a big ol bunch of murika today. Couple of the Mustangs and 6th gen Camaros are running over 600whp, but the vettes and one of the Challengers (hpde instructor driver, built for autocross, lol) were the only things that could keep up on the twisty mountain roads.


  12. etbs car is there
    The new camaros are supposed to handle great
  13. they really look like toy cars
  14. yeah proportions are strange. I like the new camaros and mustangs though Im starting to think buying fast cars is stupid
  15. thats what getting older does, I used to want a 3rd car for weekend

    now all I want is a big fat SUV to cruise and be comfy
  16. The 6th gens do pretty well, and need very little to be excellent driving cars.

    Can't see a damn thing out of them though.
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  17. This. I test drove an SS and the blind spot could hide an 18 wheeler. I also didn't like how tiny it was on the inside for being so heavy.
  18. New rotors, pads, stainless lines n shit, also for the weekend to do list, spark plugs (back two are going to be an absolute *****), and a full compliment of fluids, oil, differential, transmission, power steering, etc.

  19. And the usual boring picture.

  20. You do everything yourself? do you have kids?
  21. is that a carbon fiber ring
  22. As much as I can, we'll see how far I get with the spark plugs and such this weekend, imagine that will be a pretty daunting task.

    And not yet! Little co-driver on the way this fall though :)

    And I think it's just a carbide something, no idea, but not CF.
  23. I really just want to try the spark plugs so I have an excuse to pull the intake plenums and look at the sweet ITBs.

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