Sexiest thing to come from Asstralia....

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  2. That is indeed rather nice
  3. in a long while, yes.
  4. Thats pretty damn nice!!

    rear wheel arches are too big, and not really a fan of those wheels
  5. stfu aych the wheels are hot
  6. well, I was looking at other pictures, and they look better in them.
  7. they still look awesome in that pic
  8. stfu Danno.
    Anyways, i'm loving the rear!!!!

    I hope this goes into production. Its been 10 years since the VT coupe was unveiled, and then went into production as the Monaro.

    Now, obviously, a lot of things on this wouldnt make production. Side pipes, seats, etc ....... but the basic rolling coupe shell should ....

    Pillarless Monaro = yum.
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  10. obviously they are not going to put its full sexiness into production, but if they at least keep the stance, that would be enough.... which they probably won't cause they are stupid GM
  11. that looks AMAZING. please, please, please put it into production
  12. Holden is saying its definitly production 'capable', but they are waiting to see the reaction, and will work on a business case if its strong and positive.

    ........ this is going into production fo sho.
  13. Put it into production. Right now.

  14. #$%#ing SMOKING.

    Pleeeeease Holden make it, then pleeeeeeeease GM bring it up here.

    Also, interesting roofline. Looks pretty similar from what I remember to the CTS Coupe concept... I think it could end up looking great.
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    Holden Fans Get 60th Anniversary Present

    GM Holden
    29 February 2008

    GM Holden today marked the diamond anniversary of its first all Australian car by unveiling a stunning two-door performance thoroughbred called Coupe 60.

    Coupe 60 celebrates the six decades since GM Holden built the 48-215 at its Fishermans Bend plant in Port Melbourne, Victoria, and provides a glimpse of Holden�s future directions in design, engineering and emerging engine technologies.

    Exemplifying sports luxury, Coupe 60 is a pillarless concept car that explores the limits of Holden�s current rear-wheel drive capabilities, combining racing looks and technology into a road going sportscar experience.

    Its sophisticated appearance is delivered through simple and powerful design, highlighted by the pillarless construction and V8 supercar inspired cockpit layout and side-exiting chambered exhaust system with billet alloy tips.

    Almost 60mm shorter than the VE sedan, and sitting on 21-inch centre-lock alloy wheels with unique design Kumho high performance semi-slick tyres, Coupe 60 captures all that�s exciting about the Holden DNA.

    Other racing-derived enhancements include full flat under body, rear underbody air diffuser and functional rear deck-lid spoiler with unique designed LED tail lamps.

    The interior also has several unique features. They include one piece carbon fiber bucket seats (featuring leather and suede pad design) and a sports-inspired flat bottomed steering wheel with integrated shift light display and LCD sports instrument cluster.

    The high gloss carbon fiber carries through to doors and rear trim providing a contrast to the leather trimmed instrument panel and black suede trimmed pillars, headliners and parcel shelf.

    Details and accents are picked out with a distinctive red high shine leather on the seats and dark gunmetal finish and satin chrome on the consoles and doors.

    Front seats are adjustable fore and aft to allow easy access to the rear, with four-point race harness restraints for all seating positions.

    Under the bonnet is just as forward looking, with a 6.0 litre V8 engine incorporating the latest technologies such as active fuel management and calibrated for E85 ethanol fuel.

    Even the paint is a one-off. Called �Diamond Silver� by Holden designers, it gives a liquid aluminium finish that almost slides off the bodywork.

    GM Holden Chairman and Managing Director Mark Reuss said, �Coupe 60 is Holden's 60th anniversary gift to its fans worldwide.

    �It highlights Holden�s heritage of rear wheel drive performance whilst looking ahead to the potential offered by new technologies and materials.

    �This is a vehicle I know our designers would dearly love to see go into production, but for the moment it has to remain a concept only,� he said.

    Project Designer Manager, Peter Hughes, said, �We were looking to mark the diamond anniversary with a car that captured the Holden DNA and took the current VE range to an exciting next step.

    �Even in the early stages of VE development, we knew there was a sensational coupe waiting to get out and the 60 th anniversary has given us the chance to explore that.

    �With Coupe 60 we think we have designed a car that has the potential to write another chapter in the book of Holden icons.�

    Main Features:
    Pillarless coupe body;
    Derived from flexible GRWD platform;
    VE sedan wheelbase.

    6.0L V8 with Active Fuel Management, calibrated for E85 Ethanol fuel;
    6-speed manual transmission (SS specification);
    Engine oil cooler.

    Unique �Diamond Silver� paint colour;
    Electrically dropping front & rear side windows;
    Racing-derived aerodynamic down-force enhancements:

    Rear under-body air diffuser;
    Full flat under body;
    Functional rear deck-lid spoiler;
    21-inch centre-lock alloy wheels;
    Unique design Kumho high-performance semi-slick tyres;
    High-performance Brembo brake hardware with ducted air cooling for front callipers;
    Side-exiting chambered exhaust system with billet alloy tips;
    Unique design LED tail lamps;
    Exterior mirrors with integral LED side markers.

    V8-Supercar inspired cockpit layout for enhanced driver visibility and spaciousness;
    LCD sports instrument cluster located in a unique column-mounted binnacle;
    One-piece carbon fiber bucket seats, featuring unique suede-pad design and distinctive red high shine leather accents;
    Front seats are adjustable fore-aft and allow easy access to rear;
    Four-point race harness restraints for all seating positions;
    Unique sports-inspired flat-bottom steering wheel with integrated shift light display and suede grips;
    Unique interior details including air vents, column switches, gear shift knob and pedals.

    Interior trim.
    Perforated leather trimmed instrument panel;
    Black suede trimmed pillars, headliner and parcel shelf;
    High gloss carbon fiber used as a structural material for seats, doors and rear trim provides contrast to leather and suede trim;
    Details and accents are picked out with red high shine leather, a dark gunmetal finish and satin chrome.
  16. Previous evidence says no, but I hope I'm wrong. I'm with you on the wheels too, they need to gtfo.
  17. previous evidence says yes actually
    VT Coupe!

    Previous evidence says no, to one vehicle .... the HRT 427, which is the only concept Holden wanted to produce, but never did.
    And understandable with it being a high performance, 'super car'. Much different to the prospects of mass producing a $60,000 coupe.

    Everything else, Holden has always said 'This is just a concept, with no means for production'.

    This coupe shape, was actually penned in 2002 along with the VE sedan too. All these extra fiddly bits obviously added for concept form.
  18. Also the Torana TT36
    And that AWD SS they came out with.
  19. I was like, oh a Commodore... but then I realised it has only two doors!

    So now I'm like, oh a two door Commodore.
  20. TT36 was never meant for production.
    It was meant to preview the VE, and the Alloytec. Which is why it had VE doors, VE engine, VE interior design...

    The SSX was previewing Holdens AWD system (Adventra, Coupe4), and to see the reactions to a hatch. Holden said 'a Commodore AWD and/or a hatch would be nice in the line up, but we dont see much of a case for it'. And thats why they just left the low AWD to HSV, and left the idea of a hatch alone untill the TT36.

    Neither were made with the idea of 'if people like it, we'll see what we can do'. Especially the Torana.

    The coupe60 isnt previewing anything but 2 doors.
  21. Wow that looks so dated.
  22. hahaha yea, just like the cadillac catera does
  23. yep, just a coupe version of the 1998 VT Commodore.
  24. looks pretty good, front could be a little better, but overall not bad.

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