shame, Mazda, shame

Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-8' started by XR SICK, Jan 3, 2003.

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    RX8 looks good imo, interior rocks, 250 HP for N/A 1.3L engine is not so bad. And don't forget the excellent price of $31,000 for fully loaded.
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    car is made in Japan, talked to Mazda myself when lookin at it.
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    Mazda is a car company, you can't talk to it. lol. No but seriously, how did you contact them? I'd like to ask a few questions about it too.
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    This car is entirely a product of Mazda. Although owned by ford, Mazda is its own independent subdivision, Unlike GM's many branches. (ie: pontiac sunfire and chevy cavilier are the exact same car) Trust me if ford made it, it would be comprised of 4 existing vehicles and based on a 1974 Fairmont Chasis.
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    I dont know why people hate this car so much or in other terms think its so ugly, I dont think its ugly at all, It kinda looks like the S2000 in a certain way and I think the suicide doors are really cool
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    I've read a few reports of people who've driven this car and for the most part the reports have been pretty good. According to one report the RX8's body is torsionally stiffer even than Porsche's celebrated 911, requiring 30,000Nm per degree to twist it. From the same report hand-held timing of under 6secs means that this little 1308cc is not too slow. So I wouldn't even bother about putting a turbo on it though I have heard talk thereof. It's more likely though that to increase speed they'd up the revs to round 10 000Rpm. And this little sports car has one other huge advantage that most other sports cars don't have - Four Doors. With a combination of good looks(IMO), great handling, four doors and good performance, I think that when this car is released worldwide it'll be a big success. The only question is what the economy rate is, for European buyers.
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    And why do you put the 350Z in the same category with the Skylines? It's not the new Skyline you know?
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    hes comparin the looks not the performance. and what do u mean new skyline? is it because its being badged as a R35 GT-R?
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    Nicely said! Making 250 hp from a 1.3 in a production car is legendary! The Lynx makes about 80+ from its 1.3.
    By the way, I think it looks a little like the S2000.
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    I agree. Motor Trend (I think was the magazine) really liked the RX-8, and Car & Driver has a comparo on their site between it, the G35, and...uh, I think the Mustang Cobra. RX wins, despite their lust for the G35 when that came out.

    I am rooting for this car. The American market has a dearth of ~$30k sports cars, so any one that wants to come out is welcome.
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    Shame on you whoever started this post. If you were educated at all you would know that this is a great sports car, in every aspect. also if you had any knowledge of mazda you would know that it is its own company and designs and produces its own cars even though it is owned by ford. typical import lover, blaming any so called "bad" american-owned import cars on its american owners. and furthermore, with a little research you would know that mazda is releasing the rx8 and pending good results is planning on bringing out the rx7 with your precious twin turbo model and everything. so do a little research before you shame yourself again.
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    i have a booklet on the RX-8 and Mazda has nothing to be ashamed about it. also, it was not meant to be a performance like the RX-7.
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    i agree, whoever posted this thread should hang their head in shame.
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    the design could have been a bit more extravagant for a car like this with his unusual engine. The interior is very good, and the things like the missing of the B-style are nice features. The front isn't aggressive enough. I would have done another design.:D:D
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    this is in the new xmen movie...sweetest scene ever
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    'Green Machine' doesn't exactly fit the bill for a sports car.

    Does anyone remember when they were testing the first RX7? The engine kept blowing because of the amount of boost being put in by the TwinTurbos. The same is probably happening with the new RENESIS.

    As for efficiency, turbos make a car more efficient. They also make them worse on gas because of the extra fuel needed to mix with the extra air. If they could perfect the mix on the RENESIS, I expect to see Turbos on it soon.

    Remember, this car has to live up to the RX7...
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    well you should read more. perhaps go to a showroom and see about a test drive.
    i've driven this car, and a 3rd gen rx-7, basicly this car is GOOD. although i had the sales dude in the passenger seat so i didn't really wind it out but it FELT just as fast.

    mazda is bringing out a special triple rotor variant of this car which promises to bust past the 206kw limit, something like 240 or 250kw even! also as one step up from the rx-8 they will be doing a increased displacement motor with 206kw.

    they are bringing back the rx-7, they just wont say in what form. if they do turbocharge this engine it will be brilliant, the complete lack of port overlap means this engine would be the PERFECT turbo motor.

    there is no reason why you couldn't boost this engine as it is. infact theres no need to, because if you disable the gas reburning technology you get 230kw out of this engine!!!
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    Good stuff. I'm only 17, so I don't think a dealership would take me seriously. If they're bringing back the RX-7, I've got no problem. This just means that the RX-8 is geared toward a different market for the time-being. I do agree, it is a good car. And it does have good amounts of torque and power. I would just like to see this new RENESIS mated with a turbo or two - see the outcome.

    Thanks for the info!
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    this doesnt look like crap, its just different. i think it looks awesome, and i bet it looks even better in real life. And why do u think that the japs r trying to make there cars look european. They look nothin alike
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    As far as the engine goes, there is no way it was designed by ford. How many fords do u know of that r rotary? Now ask urself how many previous mazdas have rotary engines? It was definitly all Mazda with this engine. And how many fords do u know of that look like this. Gimme a break, there is no way ford had any part in this.
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    You dont know anything at all!!!!

    1, there is no such limit.
    2, no turbo, because it inst needed, and it is side-port exhaust, which means it is dificult to do so.
    3, also, did you think that mayve, just maybe, they were saving a turbo verion for later release?
    4, we must protect mother earth.
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    Cant put it any better than that.
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    Agreed with everything, except the turbo.
    I don't think Mazda will ever release a turbo RX-8.
    Heck, the Legendary Seven is back on 2005 (or maybe a little later). Why even bother for an Eight turbo?
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    Yahhh, its ugly 2, the old RX7 was so much better! 1st they stop selling the rx7 in US, then they discontinue it! Tsk tsk tsk Mazda wat a stupid thing u did... Also u are supposed to put the license plate on the front grille well guess what! When u put it there it looks like it has a bucktooth! LOL!
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    jaguars x types and s types have ford taurus bodies
    so if jaguar lets ford make their cars then maybe the rx 8 is too

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